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Digital Marketing 101: Key Knowledge for Every Marketer

The digital age has brought a dramatic shift in the way businesses market their products. And this shift in marketing strategy has resulted from customers constantly evolving buying patterns. They have started interacting with the brands across several touch points. This change is driving companies to completely alter the way they reach out to customers. […]

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3 Ways to Maximize Marketing Dollars Using Social Media

In this internet age, the information travels across the web in a matter of seconds. In order to ensure marketing success, businesses need to set up a compelling online presence. Due to competition growing fierce among businesses, establishing a strong online presence has become much tougher. To boost up brand awareness and spread its presence […]

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A Quick Look at Mobile Interstitial Google Penalty Update

In August 2016, Google announced that it would penalize and start rating down pages with interstitials/intrusive pop-ups in mobile searches. And, it’s already in place as, it was stated that it will be executed after Jan 10, 2017. The reason behind lowering such pages is obvious as interstitials cover up the entire screen hiding the […]

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Why Online Citations Matter for Local Businesses

In this age of social media, search engines put great emphasis on citations in their search results. A citation, simply put, is a direct mention of a brand or a business in online reviews, comments, blog posts, or social media posts such as Twitter or Facebook posts. These online citations help search engines build a […]

December 21, 2016 Read more
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Local SEO 101: All you need to Know about Key Ranking Factors

In today’s times, local SEO forms a critical part of any business model and important for improving results in SERPs. Consumers can reach out to your business using social media channel. Word of mouth publicity on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn can work wonders for a business. When online consumers publish […]

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Major Changes to Google Search Algorithm Might Be Coming

According to recent chatter in the SEO industry, major changes might be coming to the way Google search works. SEO professionals and webmasters around the world saw ups and downs in the page ranks of their websites as Google tested out new search algorithms that affected organic search. As Google tweaks the search algorithm for […]

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Facebook Makes It Easier To Share Branded Content with New Tool

Celebrity pages on Facebook command extensive reach and influence that can do wonders for a brand. In a recent update, Facebook has made it even easier for verified celebrity pages to share branded content with their fans and followers. This move opens up a world of possibilities for brands, celebrities, influencers and media companies. They […]

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What Will SEO Be Like In 100 Years?

“Is SEO dead?” – This has been a much-debated topic in recent times from the marketing world. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) acts as the beacon of light that guides knowledge-hungry consumers towards the right direction. It is nowhere near extinction and the fact that it is continually evolving into newer avatars often pushes marketers into […]

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 5 Essential Tools for the Digital Marketing Sector

In the good old days, the success mantra of a traditional marketer was a perfect mix of experience, creativity, some luck and loads of guts. The digital era demands all of this and much more. Planning and implementing a digital campaign is anything but easy. Digital marketers are under the constant pressure to keep up […]

September 14, 2015 Read more
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Right Marketing Tool to Drive Web Traffic, SEO or PPC?

A classic comparison from the world of digital marketing is the one between search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC). Every organization inclined towards boosting its online traffic faces this dilemma. This long-existent debate has failed to favor any one particular technique over the other for more than one justified reason. Quite reasonably, there really […]

September 1, 2015 Read more
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Top Seven Social Media Marketing Flaws to Avoid

Social media marketing is an important tool that can help enterprises extend their consumer base and augment brand renown. However, when starting off with an SMM strategy, startups often commit certain avoidable mistakes. Take a look at the top seven campaign flaws you can easily avoid. 1. Using the Wrong Social Platforms Effective marketing is […]

July 5, 2015 Read more