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Focusing on new patient acquisition is as important as offering top-notch eyecare services to your patients. Utilize our optometry SEO services and help your patients find you online.

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A Full-service Digital Marketing Company Guarantees Quantified And Qualified Traffic To Your Practice Through Best Optometrist SEO Strategies And More!

The optometry industry is highly competitive, with so many new practices coming into existence every day. Only having an aesthetically appealing website is not enough in such a scenario. You need to ensure that your website is active, popular, and easy to find around the web. As among billions of searches, 15% to 20% of daily searches are new to Google, you get opportunities to attract new patients to your practice by staying relevant and up to date. SEO for optometrists has proven to bring more bookings and thousands of new patients to optometry practices worldwide. With the customized and best optometrist SEO strategies, you can start producing patients in less time than other marketing techniques.

At Autus Digital Agency, we start optimizing your online presence and focus on establishing your practice as Google’s trusted source of information and a dependable solution to your target audience. From redoing your website, writing SEO-friendly content, finding competitive keywords, using keywords in your website pages and URLs, improving user experience, to building links to your pages, we enrich your legit SEO strategy with the best and proven practices.

Help Your Local Audience Find You More Quickly When They Search For Optometrists In Their Neighborhood


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AVS Case Study

We Provided Best Digital Services

Business Background

AVS Heating and Air Conditioning (formerly All Variety Service Co.) has been providing HVAC and appliance services in the Washington D.C. Metro area for the past 30 years. A family-owned business, AVS Heating and Air Conditioning operate with a high degree of professionalism, transparency, and integrity. They serve more than 30,000 families in the Washington D.C. Metro area. They have forged alliances with some of the biggest brands in the HVAC industry.

Market Competition

Some competitors of the client include Arlington HVAC, Mannix Heating and Cooling, and DM Select Services. Many competitors of the client have high-quality links to their sites.

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A Customized Optometrist SEO Strategy To Grow Your Organic Visitors By 400X

Many optometry practices that spend thousands of dollars in different online marketing procedures fail to be perceptible locally. It is because they don’t pay enough attention to local marketing strategy. Even if you hire the best SEO company for optometrists, your SEO investment will not bring desired results if you lack a targeted local optometrist SEO strategy. According to statistics, 90% of patients use the internet to find an optometrist in their local area, 82% prefer reading online reviews before visiting an optometrist, and around 70% never go beyond the first page. Therefore, your practice must focus on local optometry SEO services now than ever to help your potential patients know about your existence.

At Autus Digital Agency, we use the best local SEO tools to reap the benefits of local SEO for your practice and nudge you in the right direction. We optimize your Google My Business profile with up-to-date and authentic information, including address, phone number, operating hours, and direction, to make it easy for your potential patients to visit you. As a whopping 85% of people rely on Google Maps to find a location, we claim the listing of your practice on Google Maps too. Furthermore, we deploy other local SEO techniques, including making your website mobile-friendly, optimizing your website for voice search, researching the right keywords to help you show up on Google’s 3-pack, listing your practice on other online local directories, and more.

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See How SEO Is Impacting Optometry Practices

While many believe that SEO for optometrists is not worthwhile, renowned optometrists utilize SEO to stay at the top of search results for the most prolonged interval. 68% of online experiences start with a search engine, and more than 60% of optometrists stated that SEO and organic traffic helped them generate more leads than any other marketing initiative. Additionally, the online marketer says that SEO is better than other paid marketing tools for generating revenue. It is simply because, when you implement SEO strategically, you appear for search phrases that relate to your practice and come up on the first page of Google. Therefore, you keep yourself at a higher chance of being visible by 75% of online searchers who never scroll past the first page. Furthermore, leads generated from search engines have a 14% close rate, while leads from other measures have just 1.5%. Hence, if you are not giving SEO for optometrists a chance, you are losing a chance to rank in close proximity to your target audience online.

With more than 20 years of experience and a team of SEO experts, we at Autus Digital Agency keep pace with the changing ranking algorithms of Google. We develop customized SEO strategies that align with the goals of your practice and tweak those strategies as required to make them perform better and keep you relevant in the changing digital landscape. Optometrists who partnered with Autus Digital Agency have experienced 400% revenue growth in three years and have doubled their clickthrough rates and visitors.

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Our Seo Process for Optometrist

  1. Step

    Initial Audit

    SEO Step

    Our SEO Process Starts With Conducting a Complete Audit of Your Website. We Evaluate the Structure, Design, and UX Of Your Website to Check its Performance of Google and Identify Potential Issues Your Site May Have. Once the Site Audit is Performed, our SEO Experts will Generate a Checklist and Relevant Reports Consisting of All Issues that Need to be Addressed. Your Website and Page may Include one or More Technical Errors and Other SEO Problems, Such As:

    • Broken Links
    • Missing Tags and Headlines
    • Duplicate Content
    • Slow Page Speed
    • Crawl Errors
    • URL Structure 
    • 301 Redirects
    • XML Sitemaps
  2. Step


    SEO Step

    Our SEO Experts Will Create and Deliver an In-depth Investigation Of Your Website and Its Pages in This Step. Next, They Will Employ Tools Like Google Webmasters and Google Trends to Perform Keyword Research and Understand What People Are Looking For Online. Based On the Findings, They Will Create And Provide an Initial List Of the Best Relevant Keywords That Need to Be Targeted and Optimized. Once the List Is Created, They Proceed to Define the Keyword Objectives. 

    Next, Our Marketers Will Perform Competitor Analysis to Determine And Comprehend What Your Top Competitors Are Doing in the Industry and Which Keywords They are Targeting. After a Final Deduction, Our Experts Will Focus on Expanding and Filtering the Initially Built Keyword List. In the End, a Definitive List of Finalized Keywords Is Generated And Shared With You.

  3. Step

    SEO On-Page

    SEO Step

    Next, Our Search Engine Optimization Specialists Will Begin the Process of Optimizing Different Aspects and Content of Your Website For Search Engines And Target Audiences. If Done Accurately, On-page SEO Can Attract and Drive Countless New Visitors to Your website. They will Focus on Improving Different On-page SEO Elements During This Step, including HTML, Content & Site Architecture Elements. They Will Review Your Pages and Optimize on-page SEO by:

    • Reviewing the URLs of Your Existing Pages;
    • Updating Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, and URLs if needed;
    • Using the Right Keywords in Your URLs;
    • Placing and Positioning Targeted Keywords throughout the entire page;
    • Creating Unique Value Propositions For All Pages;
    • Planning and Including Titles For New Pages (If Necessary);
    • Including and Optimizing Your Visual Content, And
    • Adding Both Internal and External Links.
  4. Step

    Google My Business Setup/Optimization

    SEO Step

    Every Business Needs an Optimized Business Profile on Google to Build a Solid Online Presence, Attract More Traffic, Improve User Engagement, and Convert More Leads. That’s Why Our Experts Will Help You Set Up Your Google My Business Account and Optimize It. Once All of The Applicable Sections and Attributes Are Taken Care Of, Our SEO Professionals Will Focus On Optimizing Your Google My Business Account. That includes:

    1. Writing a Unique, Catchy Description of Your Business;
    2. Providing Your Contact Information and Business Hours;
    3. Adding High-Quality, Relevant Images;
    4. Choosing and Highlighting Category-Specific Features;
    5. Getting Positive Reviews and Feedback From Your Clients;
    6. Answering the Questions Asked by People in the Questions & Answers Section, and
    7. Including Your product or Service Offerings on Your Google My Business Account.
  5. Step

    Monthly Content Marketing

    SEO Step

    Your Page Content Provides You With the Power to Communicate Your Vision and Values to Your Target Audience and Site Visitors. In Addition, Content Optimization is Essential to Achieve Top SERPs Rankings and Attain Quality Traffic. Our Marketing Experts Will Ensure that Your Web Pages’ Content is Engaging, Informative, and Keyword-rich. Based on Audience Research, Journey Mapping, and Channel Selection, They Will Create and Offer Effective Content Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Website’s Credibility and Authority on Search Engines. Once the Content is Planned, Developed, and Optimized, Our Content Marketing Specialists will Publish and Share it Across Different Web-based and Social Media Channels. We Will Also Help You Repurpose the Existing Content of Your Website as Per Your Requirements and Content Marketing Goals.

  6. Step

    Monthly Link Building 

    SEO Step

    There’s no Denying the Fact that Link Building is one of the Most Significant Parts of Your Overall SEO Strategy. Our Digital Marketing and SEO Specialists will Develop and Provide You With a Robust Link-building Strategy to Generate More Traffic and Drive new Audiences to Your Site. They will get High-quality Hyperlinks From Renowned Websites and Link Them Back to Your Business Site. Here’s How Our Experts Can Help You With Link Building:

    1. Differentiate Between High-quality and Low-quality Backlinks
    2. Identify Links That Are Worth Sourcing
    3. Check the Authority of Websites Used For Link Building
    4. Determine the Relevancy of Those Websites
    5. Embedding Obtained Links at the Relevant Position on Your Page
    6. Include Anchor Links in Your Page's Code
  7. Step

    Monthly Reporting

    SEO Step

    Last But Not Least, Our SEO Specialists Will Track and Measure the Performance and Effectiveness of SEO Strategies and Campaigns that Were Implemented and Executed. They will Provide you With Data-driven, Analytical Reports on a Monthly Basis to Help You Understand What We Have Been Doing and How Much Progress has Been Made so Far. The Reports Will Give You a Detailed Analysis of Traffic, Leads, and Keyword Rankings For the Last 30 Days. You Will Also Gain Organized Insights into Your Ranking History, Click-through Rate, Backlink Profile, and Other Associated Conversions.

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    The primary goal of SEO is more or less the same for every industry – to move a website to a higher position on search engines from wherever it is ranking now, drive traffic to the website, and generate more phone calls. But if we look very carefully and review optometrist SEO campaigns, not every SEO practice brings real results.

    Therefore, it takes the best strategies to improve an optometry website’s ranking, including keyword research, custom content creation, optimizing the website for local search, optimizing the site for mobile users, earning backlinks, etc. And all those strategies together help the optometry practice reach more patients online, increase awareness, and generate more qualified traffic.

    One of the main goals of SEO for optometrists is to be visible where people are already searching for optometric practices or eyecare specialists. Local SEO allows an optometrist to attract the most qualified audience by targeting geo-targeted keywords. So that means that people who are looking for an optometrist in specific locations will be more likely to contact you and schedule an appointment. If your website appears for their location-specific search terms, you get a better chance to convert them.

    Local SEO combines researching geo-targeted keywords, optimizing the web pages for local search, listing the website on local directories including Google My Business, optimizing the practice’s presence on Google Maps, writing content for the local audience, and more. WHEN DONE RIGHT, local SEO can help get the most out of the overall SEO effort.

    When people look for an optometrist, they use “near me” and some specific location names in their search terms, and their search words look like “optometrists near me,” “eyecare services in my area,” etc. The smart way to promote your optometry practice is to appear for those searches. Local SEO begins with Google My Business listing and appearing on Google’s 3-pack. It increases the possibility for your optometric practice to attract new patients and get a positive ROI. Local SEO for optometrists gives a competitive edge to your practice, helps you generate more appointment calls locally, and brings you long-term results at lower costs.

    As an expert optometry SEO company, we at Autus Digital Agency implement the right SEO strategies to optimize your website, increase its visibility and rank it higher on the search engine results pages. With more than 20 years of experience and a profound understanding of the optometry industry, we are well aware of the proven and tested methods to attract leads and increase conversions within your budget and in less time.

    We perform a competitive analysis of your existing online marketing campaigns, analyze your competitor’s SEO strategies, and build customized online marketing plans that bring the best ROI. We monitor the performance of each campaign and tweak them as necessary to make them perform better for your business.

    At Autus Digital Agency, we pay equal attention to every facet of SEO for optometrists, including keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and technical SEO. Keyword research is the process of searching for what your target audience is searching for and how much traffic you can generate from those terms. After checking the traffic potential of those keywords, we optimize your website and its content to help search engines better understand what your website is about and align your content with the searcher’s intent. Additionally, we optimize the title tag, images, and other elements to make your website fast.

    Our link-building strategy is inarguably the most critical ranking factor as we create link-worthy content, post them on relevant and high authoritative websites to fetch backlinks to your web pages, and increase your practice’s credibility in your industry.

    Many people think that SEO for optometrists is not worth the effort. And that’s not true. The reality about SEO for optometrists is that more than 55% of the whole web traffic comes from Google, and therefore, SEO is something that deserves most of the marketing investment. The reason is that to generate more organic traffic to your optometric website, you need to appear higher on the first page of search results; and strong SEO strategy correlates with that ranking position.

    SEO includes some of the best online marketing techniques, such as developing and optimizing a website, writing unique, readable, and informative content for web pages, blogs, and other mediums, finding the right keywords to rank for, link building, competitive analysis, and more.

    The primary working mechanism of normal SEO is the same for any industry and individual. But the only difference between an industry-specific SEO strategy and a normal SEO is the way it works for that industry and its result. As one-size-fits-all SEO strategies are destined to fail drastically, a customized optometrist SEO plan can bring real results by including proven and tested SEO practices that work best for optometrists.

    SEO for optometrists includes website building and optimization, SEO-friendly content creation, keyword research, building a good reputation online, using Google Analytics, and more. And when you hire an SEO company for optometrists, they know how to choose the right practices to bring you the best ROI. They evaluate each option and build a plan that’s right for you.


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