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We Are Among The Most Trusted PSD To WordPress Conversion Services Companies

At Autus Digital Agency, we focus intensely on understanding our client’s requirements, with an end goal to provide the desired results. As a part of the process, we carefully analyze your PSD files and recommend the best WordPress plugins that are most compatible with the functionalities required. Furthermore, we customize the features based on inputs received from our clients. Our highly skilled developers code websites that are swift and secure while ensuring the seamless implementation of functions.

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Design To HTML/WordPress

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Search Engine
Optimized Code

We analyze the code on completion to ensure they are in sync with Google standards and optimization techniques.



In order to ensure proper functioning of the website, we conduct exhaustive testing.



Our team of experts facilitate the seamless integration of plugins and new modules into the website to meet the desired functionality.



With the utmost attention to security, we guarantee that your website remains protected against hackers and malware.



Our team makes certain that the code is clean and optimized before the delivery, with focus on page speed tests.


Responsive and
Retina Ready

The websites are designed keeping in view their responsiveness and to be retina ready, with pixel perfection.

Going An Extra Mile To Achieve Perfection!

The priority is to provide our clients with the best in class experience right from the first step.

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We are Professional Designers

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Quality Tested Code

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Deadline Adherence

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Our Process

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  • Step 1
  • Client send us the finalized page layout in a JPEG/PDF format for review.
  • We carefully review the designs and ask for more information on functionalities and other areas, if required.
  • A quote is sent to the client post completion of the above prerequisites.

  • Step 2
  • Client shares the layered format of their design files with us and we initiate a project on Basecamp (a project management software)You Send us the Final Components in JPEG or PDF format for Review.
  • A project manager is assigned to the task and client receives timely updates on Basecamp regarding requirements related to review and suggestions. We review the design and ask the questions on functionalities, interactions, etc.
  • We take into consideration client feedback and implement any changes suggested wherever required.
  • Adherence to deadlines is our niche. Once the project is delivered to our client, they can either download it in a Zip folder or can request us to install it on their client server.

  • Step 3
  • In order to make the progress of the project available to your customers, we work on a development server with a white label URL.
  • This way, everyone involved in the project is aware of the progress with regards to the project.
  • You may also choose to make a full payment in case you want us to work on your designated servers.
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Other Services We Offer

  • Wordpress Site Speed Optimization
  • Content Migration
  • Migrating Existing Site to Wordpress
  • Wordpress Customization
  • Woo-Commerce Integration
  • Monthly WordPress Website Updates & Maintenance
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We work for

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With an intention to help our clients achieve better revenue and business growth, we closely analyze their requirements. This helps us deliver the best results.

With our conversion services, clients can empower their IT department to do so much more. We strengthen your ability to take on challenges.

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With an intention to help our clients achieve better revenue and business growth, we closely analyze their requirements. This helps us deliver the best results.

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Follow these steps to convert PSD to WordPress
➢ Create the web design
➢ Once you are completely satisfied with your web design, slice the images from your PSD file
➢ Next, create the CSS3, HTML and jQuery or JavaScript
➢ Convert your HTML into a responsive WordPress theme. Follow the WordPress template hierarchy
➢ Use WordPress tags and functions

We follow the below conversion process
➢ We first slide the PSD in HTML
➢ Next, the HTML is converted to WordPress
➢ We insert content and perform comprehensive functional and responsive tests
➢ We sanitize the code and make sure it conforms to the latest Google specifications

You can hire a PSD to WordPress developer to convert PSD into WordPress theme. The PSD to WordPress expert will convert the PSD files of your new website design into a fully functional WordPress theme.

Photoshop Document or PSD is an image file format. Native to Adobe’s Photoshop application, it supports multiple layers of graphics in a single file. Designers use PSD files to store high-quality graphics data.

Our turnaround time is 7-15 days depending on the complexity of the project.

PSD to WP is a theme conversion process. It is an ultimate weapon for web designers and developers who want to convert PSD files into WordPress themes using CSS frameworks and development methodologies like Bootstrap and Foundation.

It is a valuable conversion service that enables you to design user-friendly, functional WordPress-themed designs or websites with the help of a PSD to HTML conversion strategy. Unlike most standard graphic files, a PSD file incorporates and combines an assortment of brilliant aspects and photoshop-specific elements, such as image layers, keywords, graphic effects, file information, typography, annotations, etc.
During the conversion, the developer will analyze and cut the photoshop design into multiple images, write code, integrate different functionalities, thereby setting up your full-fledged unique site for success.

PSD to WP involves the process of transforming a photoshop document file, a high-resolution image design supporting multiple assets and layers, into a fully functional website built with a WordPress theme.
Changing a PSD file into a WordPress design is a complicated and time-consuming procedure and requires specific skill sets. The conversion works by slicing the PSD file into small sections, which are later converted into HTML codes and linked to different URLs. Hence, hiring a specialized web developer and designer will ensure that all of the elements are placed logically in line with the dynamics and structure of your web page.

Never compromise on quality for your website development/designing project. Because if they charge you a bare minimum fee it might seem that you have bagged a bargain, but it can hurt your website and brand in the long run.
Based on the design and project requirements, PSD to HTML conversion cost starts at $299 and can easily scale up to a couple of grand. Besides the nature and scope of the project, below mentioned are some critical factors that might affect the cost and timeline:
➢ Experience and expertise
➢ Total number of PSD files
➢ The complexity of the PSD design
➢ Frameworks
➢ Responsiveness & customization
➢ Projected turnaround time
➢ Add-on facilities
➢ Terms of compensation

A professional, experienced web developer and designer will convert your idea into a reality and help you design a fully functional, brand new WordPress website from a PSD file as your requirements. However, it’s essential to communicate your goals and provide the developer with the necessary information to streamline the conversion process from the beginning to the end. The better you explain your expectations and requirements, the better your developer will be able to meet them. You might be asked to provide the following details:
➢ A PSD design
➢ Your business description
➢ Project goals
➢ Specific features and functionalities you need
➢ Domain name
➢ Budget
It’s also imperative to establish in advance whether you want to create a new WordPress theme or use an existing one.

Yes! Our professional web development experts will convert your PSD file into a working and fully responsive WordPress theme optimized for multiple platforms, such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops, etc.
You need to explain at the outset which particular functionalities you want to integrate during PSD to WordPress conversion, and responsiveness is one of them. Therefore, at Autus Digital Agency, we help you explore and find the best responsive layout and offer several responsive services associated with your website:
➢ Consultation facilities for responsive layout
➢ Implantation of a responsive design
➢ Web and app development using flexible and fluid grids
➢ Responsive user interface for different screen sizes
➢ Optimization of web assets and content

Our web developers and designers have hands-on experience working with a sheer number of file format types, from graphic file formats to video import/export formats to 3D-related formats. Some of them are:
➢ Photoshop PSD
➢ JPEG 2000
➢ Photoshop ESP
➢ Pixar
➢ 3D Studio

As a full-fledged WordPress service provider, we help you customize your WordPress website’s design, functionality, layout, and other features according to your needs. Take a look at some of the WordPress customization services offered by Autus Digital Agency:
➢ WordPress UI/UX redesign
➢ Theme development & customization
➢ Plugins & add-ons customization
➢ Site upgrade/migration
➢ Widget creation and customization
Whether you want us to add content overlays or adapt your existing site to a new theme or make it mobile-responsive and browser compatible, we have got you covered!

Converting your website idea into reality includes three major core components: – front-end, back-end, and UI/UX design. The turnaround time for your project is dependent on its scope and nature. A professional, responsive website can take anywhere from four weeks to six months based on the following factors:
➢ Number of pages
➢ Complexity and size of your site
➢ Number of platforms and screen sizes
➢ Technical requirements
➢ Site testing & deployment
Before providing time estimation, our experts will understand the scope of your development project and make plans for the mandatory resources and skill levels required to bring your idea to life.

Multi-platform conversion is one of our many specialties. Our web developers/designers can build and deliver a functional WordPress website that supports different operating systems and browsers. We will ensure that your final product is compatible with multiple platforms and devices and fits all screen sizes, in addition to having a user-friendly UX/UI design.
When you partner with Autus Digital Agency, you get a cross-platform, responsive site that looks and works similar to a native website on any platform without compromising on quality.

Our web developers will effectively take care of your WordPress revisions to evade the risk of losing your data in the course of any catastrophic events. At the same time, they will focus on making your editorial workflow better. Autus Digital Agency can help you:
➢ Optimize your database by deleting unnecessary revisions
➢ Limit the number of revisions in WordPress to reduce the buildup
➢ Free up storage space used by unusable WordPress revision
➢ Disable the revision functionality to eliminate database bloat
➢ Remove revisions individually using a plugin or manually
➢ Restore an older version

Affirmatively! At Autus Digital Agency, our web development experts will develop a high-quality, responsive website that behaves and runs identically and consistently across multiple browsers. In addition, we aim to create innovative, functional end products that offer a rich and seamless experience in any screen browser on different devices.

We strongly believe that adhering to standardized conventions is the key to writing quality code and structuring it properly. Therefore, our responsive website development team closely abides by the recommended coding standards to simplify the process of modifying and changing code, steer clear of coding errors, and maximize code readability. In addition, they make use of the best practices and techniques to create a structure code in WordPress.

The average load time of a webpage should not exceed three seconds. A higher website load time can lead to a higher bounce rate and lower conversion rate. It’s important that your web page loads in an instant and responds quickly to user interactions. If your webpages are loading slowly or not displaying the content accurately, our experts can help you speed up your overall site by:
➢ Using WP engine
➢ Lessening and combining your HTML, JavaScript & CSS files
➢ Minimizing HTTP requests
➢ Reducing distance between the server and end-user with a CDN
➢ Removing unnecessary files and unused scripts
➢ Compressing the size of images

A professional development company like Autus Digital Agency makes sure that your WordPress designs and website are W3C compliant. Our developers can help you validate your code in line with W3C standards by using the following tools:
➢ HTML validator
➢ CSS validator

Upgrading to a newer version of WordPress is free. However, one must keep in mind that free updates rolled out in the newer versions of WordPress will be applied to its core without any charges. But if you aspire to use or upgrade premium WordPress features like themes and plugins, you will be required to pay charges in accordance with the pricing model.

We bet on it! Not only do we focus on creating a responsive, high-end WordPress site from a PSD file, we also make sure that your site is SEO-friendly so that it can get higher search engine rankings. Our web development specialists will help you find and choose an SEO-optimized theme for your WordPress website. Some of our SEO-friendly PSD to WordPress services include:
➢ Updating permalink settings
➢ Using SEO-friendly codebase and layout
➢ Optimizing your site for different platforms & screens
➢ Creating semantic descriptions for better accessibility
➢ Employing rich snippets
➢ Making use of lightweight frameworks, elements, and styling options

Autus Digital Agency can identify and eliminate a wide range of security vulnerabilities such as XSS and malicious redirects, thereby helping you improve the overall security and performance of your WordPress site. We ensure your site’s security by:
➢ Helping you find secure WordPress hosting
➢ Using the latest version of PHP on your server
➢ Creating solid usernames and passwords
➢ Levering security plugins and certificates like HTTPS & SSL
➢ Keeping your WordPress plugins and themes up-to-date
➢ Limiting login attempts and access permissions
➢ Adding HTTP Authentication
➢ Enabling two-factor authentication

Yes, we do! Our development and designer experts can seamlessly integrate different plugins with your existing WordPress theme to include additional functionalities, improve security, and boost performance.

Creating a website is half the battle won. The other half is to ensure that your WordPress site is entirely secured, up-to-date, and maintained. Autus Digital Agency offers WordPress maintenance and support services for startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and enterprises. As we drive to power your digital growth, any business can take advantage of our WordPress support and maintenance services 24/7 through our support channels like chat and email. In addition, our support experts and web development consultants ensure that you receive timely support and answers to your questions and pain points.
Whether you are looking for an ‎experienced web development agency to develop a WordPress site from scratch or maintain your existing WP site, we are here to help you.


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