Best SEO Audit Tools to Improve Your Search Rankings 2019!

July 3, 2023 Best SEO Audit Tools to Improve Your Search Rankings 2019! By Gaurav Madan

Whether you manage a small business or helm a flourishing MNC, consider creating a digital footprint for your business a necessity, and not a matter of choice. The Internet is a goldmine of information. Hundreds of millions of consumers around the world use The World Wide Web every day to research different products and services. To increase the chances of your page appearing in their search results, you need to come up with a strategy to improve your search ranking.

What is Search Engine Ranking? An Introduction

Search engine ranking is the position at which a website appears in the result of a query. Each page usually lists 10 websites; however, they are sometimes augmented with videos, images, and local listings. Search engine ranking is influenced by multiple factors such as the age of the website, page relevance, and social signals.

Why Does The Page Rank Matter?

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the answer to this question. Studies show that websites that appear on the first page of search queries receive 95 per cent of the web traffic. The remaining 5 per cent traffic is divided between other pages. A better website ranking would help your target audience easily discover your business.

Google has admitted to using 200 factors when ranking pages. Many of these factors cannot be controlled by the website owner. To influence factors that are under your control, you need to design and implement SEO campaigns.

SEO Audit Tools: An Overview

You cannot just set up an SEO campaign, and forget it. To get value for money, you need to track results and fix loopholes in your strategy. To ensure their SEO strategy is heading in the right direction, SEO managers around the world use SEO tools that are specifically designed to help them audit the website of their business.

SEO audit tools help identify current and potential problems concerning search appearance, page speed, and website structure. Once the SEO managers get to the root cause of the problems revealed by the audit, they can come up with sustainable solutions.

Popular SEO Audit Tools in 2019

When it comes to picking an SEO audit tool, you will be spoilt for choice. There are several online tools to choose from; however, not all of them serve their purpose. Some feature a cluttered interface and may provide inaccurate results. Here is a list of some of the best SEO tools to use in 2019 and beyond.

Ahrefs’ Site Audit

Ahrefs’ Site Audit is one of the most comprehensive audit tools available to SEO managers. The tool is designed to detect more than 110 technical issues. When you encounter an issue that you do not understand, you don’t need to Google it. Just go to Ahrefs’ dashboard to get information about the problem.

Ahrefs’ Site Audit is a cloud-based tool, which means you do not have to install clunky and expensive software. Ahrefs’ can crawl both JavaScript pages and HTML.


SEOmator is an online SEO audit tool. The tool lets you download your site performance results in PDF format. Performance reports include scores and details related to performance issues. SEOmator also provides recommendations to fix issues to improve on-page and off-page SEO performance.

If you need to run a quick scan, SEOmator deserves your attention. Many experts consider it the best-embedded SEO audit tool that can help get new leads. There are several SEO monitoring alerts options that allow you to auto-schedule crawling tasks. SEOmator has a domain comparison tool that you can use to compare your website with that of your competitors.


DeepCrawl is known for providing comprehensive audit reports. The SEO audit tool can crawl millions of pages and is usually used by big businesses with large marketing projects. DeepCrawl can also generate reports related to your competitors based on different parameters such as content and site structure.

DeepCrawl allows you to auto-schedule tasks and customize crawls. The tool can be used to assign tasks to employees, create support tickets, and continuously monitor website performance.


SEOptimer is a user-friendly SEO audit tool that not only reports critical errors but also provides recommendations to improve site performance. Once you download the Chrome extension, you can start using the tool to crawl one page at a time.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is more of a crawling tool than an audit tool. The SEO audit tool can be used to audit a website at once on a desktop. Screaming Frog crawls the website to analyse performance issues. The tool reports on over 30 different parameters including response time, security, and anchor text. It is usually used by big businesses that have up to 500 pages.

Serpstat Website Audit Tool

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to use this tool. Serpstat website audit tool points out the types of mistakes you have on your website, and also provides information related to their location, and recommendations to fix them. In a nutshell, you will have all the information that you need to improve your site ranking on your fingertips. The tool finds different errors related to headings, links, indexation, redirects, and loading speed. The tool also allows you to export reports to the spreadsheet or PDF format. And what’s more, you can even add your logo to your reports.

Found SEO Audit Tool

Found SEO Audit Tool is one of the simplest audit tools on the market today. All you need to do to get a site audit report is to provide your URL. Audit reports generally include three sections – content issues, external link analysis, and technical. You can download your report in PDF format.

Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider is a desktop SEO audit tool. The tool lets you keep an eye on incoming and outgoing links, identify and get rid of duplicate content, and find broken links and redirects. Netpeak Spider allows you to set custom crawling rules to either crawl your entire website or its select pages. The tool calculates internal page rank and provides data on important SEO factors that may be hurting your page rank.


SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool. Trusted by SEO managers around the world, SEMrush helps with a range of tasks including keyword research and SEO audit. The tool helps track SEO optimization progress, locate and fix hreflang errors, and detect AMP implementation issues. You can schedule audits according to your convenience. SEMrush lets users compare crawls and history reports, and analyze trends on-page reports and different issues.

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