Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics You Should Know In 2022

December 22, 2021 Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics You Should Know In 2022 By Gaurav Madan

Understanding audience response is crucial for the success of any business. Just think about how your users behave as they open your website. You might develop and implement a lead generation strategy by implementing time and resources which would bring in a lot of traffic too. But does the increase in traffic lead to successful conversions? This is the big question that needs to be answered. In the majority of cases, it is seen that there is a huge surge in traffic but when it comes to conversions, the rate is really poor. Ask the experts at Phoenix digital agency and they will opine that there is no value and meaning of traffic until and unless you get leads from it. When you track the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns, make sure that you check the website conversion rate. 

Web marketers often run lead generation campaigns to attract valuable leads from the traffic. But to ensure that the campaign is effective, it is recommended to adopt a conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy. With the implementation of this strategy, you will be able to increase the count of website visitors, who complete a certain goal (conversion). At the equal time, it helps in lowering acquisition costs so that you have maximum returns on investment (ROI).

What do you term a conversion? When visitors carry out a certain function/activity on the website it is termed as conversion. Activities might include getting visitors to subscribe to your website’s newsletter, completing a purchase, or signing up to the website. You might not have an idea that even a minute increase in the percentage of website conversion rate can boost your business to a great deal. But for that, you must implement the best CRO practice. To keep track of your online conversion rate, you must follow CRO statistics. This will help you in understanding if your conversion rate marketing strategy is working fine. 

Conversion Rate Benchmarks

The journey of conversion rate optimization commences with benchmarking. By developing an understanding of conversion rate benchmarks in your industry, you will get an idea of the position of your business among the competitors. When you compare your conversion rates with others, you will get an insight into the performance of your campaigns. You will also come to know of the specific areas and metrics in the campaigns on which you need to pay more attention during website conversion rate optimization. 

You can check out some prominent benchmarks below:

As per First Page Saga, 2020 here are the top 5 industries with the highest conversion rates:

  • Legal Services – 7.4%
  • Point of Sale (POS) Services – 7%
  • Staffing Services – 5.1%
  • IT Staffing and Services – 3.5%
  • HVAC Services – 3.3%

Based on sales conversion rate statistics, these are the top-performing industries. The numbers indeed vary depending upon the niche or the kind of business. However, these numbers help in ascertaining if the marketing technique that you are implementing is providing a respectable online conversion rate. 

As per First Page Saga, 2020 here are the top 5 industries with the lowest conversion rates:

  • Commercial insurance – 1.7%
  • Higher Education – 1.4%
  • Scientific Testing and Measurement – 1.3%
  • B2B SaaS – 1.1%
  • Computer Product Manufacturing – 1.1%

You can see an important difference between the bottom five and top five industries. There is indeed a wide variety of reasons for such disparity. If the conversion rate for your website stands at 1% and you fall in the category of any of the above-mentioned businesses, you are sitting pretty within the average online conversion rate. You are lucky and treat this as a massive opportunity for generating more conversions so that you can push that 1% to 2%. 

As per Statistics, 2000, here is the conversion rate of online shoppers worldwide, categorized 

based on devices:

  • Tablet – 3.32%
  • Desktop – 2.1%
  • Mobile – 2.01%

When compared to previous years’ CRO statistics, it is seen that desktop users are more conversion-ready when compared to their mobile counterparts. The conversion readiness reaches up to 170%, which is a huge percentage. However, in current times, there is a significant dip in the usage of the desktop. There is greater usage of tablets and mobiles now. It is evident from this fact that the supply and consumption of mobiles have increased in the market. 

Statistics of Sales Conversion Rate Optimization 

We all know that marketing tactics and techniques have changed drastically over the past few years. A substantial percentage of the marketing budget is now allocated to digital marketing strategies. It has been seen that choosing digital marketing techniques has played a crucial role in generating user demand for your business. But the amount of demand that is generated gets transferred successfully into conversions and sales. Therefore, you have to know about the best CRO practices for creating more successful conversions. 

  • As per HubSpot, 2020 – As per 68% of marketers, paid advertising was one of the most prominent components of an overall marketing strategy. It is true that ad prices have risen up steeply in the last few years. Also, due to ineffective strategies, costing piles up significantly. For boosting efficiency and performance, marketers are kind of compelled to resort to conversion rate optimization. 
  • As per HubSpot, 2020–If you are looking to measure the success of content marketing, web traffic is considered the second-best way. The first way is total sales ranking. Total sales, which are obtained from traffic generated through content marketing strategies are still considered the best indicator for measuring the success of content marketing strategies. 
  • As per Decibel and E-consultancy, 2020–Only 40% have taken a strategic approach depending on the understanding of the customer journey. Ask any reliable SEO company in NYC and experts will opine that majority of the companies concentrate on short-term strategies. Many of them focus on fixing problems when they develop or arise. However, no attempts are seen on their part to adopt strategies for preventing the problems or dealing with them permanently. 
  • As per Ascend, 2018 – 58% of marketers opined that the strategies for generating user demand help them in getting the results that they need. Many marketers said that they were confident that they could create user demand by using their strategy. However, some of the tactics might be unsuccessful.

Statistics of Landing Page Optimization 

You might not know, but the landing page of your website plays a crucial role in generating leads into paying customers. However, without proper tools and optimization, users might spend considerable time on your website but not lead to conversions. Read below to know about CRO statistics for conversion rate marketing strategy so that the performance of your landing page improves.

  • As per EyeView Digital, 2019–Conversions increase by almost 86% when there are videos on landing pages. Humans respond well to visual movement and stimuli. Instead of reading long texts, they’ll prefer watching videos. If the landing page contains interesting video content, the rate of conversion is bound to increase. 
  • As per MarketingSherpa, 2019–44% of clicks that are generated by B2B companies go directly to the homepage of the website and not to the landing page, which is particularly built for conversions. When a user lands on your landing pages, he will have to decide if he wants to bounce or convert. There are more elements that influence the decision-making process. However, without a landing page, such a situation wouldn’t pop up at all. 
  • As per VWO, 2021–If you remove the navigation menu, you can increase your sign-ups by almost 100%. The navigation pane indeed boosts the navigability of your website. But if you remove the pane from the landing page, users will have fewer choices and you can compel them in taking the action that you want thus increasing conversions. 

Statistics of Website Conversion Rate Optimization

You might be receiving heavy traffic on your website, but maybe you are not getting the due conversions. This means that there is some issue with your website. Here are some statistics of conversion rate optimization, which help in giving insights as to how CRO strategies can be improved for increasing website conversions. 

  • As per HubSpot, 2017 – Call-to-action (CTA) which includes searching keywords increases conversion rates by almost 87%. This is one of the valid reasons why solid keyword research is crucial in boosting conversions. All your SEO efforts and CRO strategies will be impacted. Higher conversion rates are obtained when blog posts are integrated with most-used search keywords and into the CTAs. 
  • As per Portent, 2019–There is a drop in website conversion rate by as much as 4.42% per additional second when the site loads during the first 5 seconds of page loading. In marketing, making an excellent first impression is very important. It has been seen that users close the window if the loading time is more than 4 seconds. In your CRO marketing strategy, try improving the speed of the site as a top priority. 
  • As per DIY Themes, 2019–Opt-ins presented as a feature box help in enjoying increased sign-ups by almost 51%. If you are looking to increase landing page conversions, one of the best ways is using future boxes. Though they look invasive, they are really useful. The opt-in form stands out and thus it becomes more visible to visitors. Using contrasting colors helps too in this regard. 

Trends in Conversion Rate Optimization

The effect of having a CRO marketing strategy cannot be overstated. With proper CRO marketing, it is possible for the businesses to address bottlenecks issues in the performance of their website, address the pain points of customers and, optimize the marketing strategies for maximizing efforts. While some come with immediate effects, other results take some time. 

Mentioned below are some trends in conversion rate optimization:

Pressure Towards Mobile-First Optimization In the last few years, this has become very important. This is because there has been a huge surge in the number of mobile users. In a span of 5-6 years, mobile users have increased by almost one billion. This is the reason that the speed of mobile-first innovations has increased considerably. As a result, CRO services are targeted to integrate mobile-first experiences in the form of augmented reality and voice search in CRO marketing techniques. 

  • Greater Focus on User experience

In any kind of marketing, particularly digital marketing, the point of focus has always been on users. Therefore, improving user experience with conversion rate marketing is nothing new. However, Google announced recently that the user experience will be emphasized greatly as a ranking attribute in SEO. As a results services will be impacted severely everywhere with this announcement. Hence it is suggested to look for more UX-based and centered CRO marketing techniques, the aim of which is to strike the perfect balance between user satisfaction and maximum conversions. 

  • Personalization Is the Demand of Today’s Users

This is the world of personalization. If you have generic and standardized content, you will make no impact whatsoever. 74% of customers become unhappy when they are not presented with personalized content. This is a growing trend in conversion rate optimization and it is here to stay. Ask CRO digital marketing specialists from any leading SEO company Los Angeles, CA, if they are targeting higher levels of personalization during their interactions with audiences. 

  • Need for Sustainability 

All businesses became highly tactful with the pandemic situation hitting hard on everyone. Businesses are focusing on building a sustainable path. Instead of fixing problems as they come, businesses are taking a more tactical approach. The processes are being improved through CRO. As a result, there is an optimization of the whole business. All inefficiencies of the business are eliminated. As a result, the customer journey becomes more client-centric.  

Summing It Up

It is understandable from the above facts and statistics that conversion rate optimization is not as easy as it seems. There are various techniques and factors which are taken into consideration for best optimization. This is the reason, this job is best left to the professionals. There are innumerable SEO agencies Phoenix, which offer dedicated services in conversion rate optimization. Endow the responsibility of optimizing your business to a reliable agency and you will get fruitful results with increased leads and revenues. 

Summary Snippet:

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is one of the most crucial factors in the success of a business. Digital marketers often run lead generation campaigns to attract leads from the traffic. Conversion Rate benchmarks are a great way to assess the performance of different elements of your website.

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