5 Ecommerce Design Trends to Wow your Customer in 2015

February 18, 2015 5 Ecommerce Design Trends to Wow your Customer in 2015 By Gaurav Madan

A good e-commerce website design is like a well-decorated sales machine! Most web designing companies believe that the website design is in reality a part of the firm’s marketing mix and customer service.

From enhanced web typography to micro-interaction tools, e-commerce website designs are evolving and 2015 is the year to revamp your website in order to drive up sales and to offer a better shopping experience.

Engage Visitors Through Exciting Micro Features

Little fun features when put together enhance the overall personality of the website and engage the shopper. For instance, the animation or color changes on the navigation bar, simple UI animations, and the hover effect on product images surprise the visitors and offer a better shopping experience. Your web design company can also use striking videos are also a great tool for attracting customers.

Maximize the Use of Images in the Foreground as Well as the Background

Images are generally more captivating than text boxes. Increased use of image tiles offers a precise view of what is in store for the customer. High-resolution product images used in the slider and larger images presented in the background without any extra chrome create a vibrant look for the website.

Flat Design Features Continue to Rule the Roost

Flat design features combined with material design will give your website a “real-life” look. The flat design for websites has already been successfully endorsed by industry giants like Google and Apple. Flat design for your website combines a colorful accent with subtle elements that focus on the product representations.

Ghost Buttons Add to the Minimalist Feel of the website

Ghost buttons have been a fresh addition to most e-commerce websites already. The feature is great for mobile clients as it helps to present the website more precisely rather than just a filling of text and images.

Finally, almost one-third of the online shoppers have turned to mobile technologies for their shopping needs. Websites that respond well to all kinds of smartphones and tablets and allow customers to seamlessly navigate through the process will be the most important web design trend in 2015.

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