How to Play the E-commerce Game in 2015?

February 28, 2015 How to Play the E-commerce Game in 2015? By Gaurav Madan

In the upcoming years the E-Commerce industry is expected to grow further and reach a whopping 1.5 trillion US dollars in global sales by 2018. The one question treading through the minds of the industry players is how much of this huge pie is going to be theirs.
Here are some smart trends and knacks to take advantage of the exploding growth of the ecommerce industry.

Revamp your Website with Better Aesthetics and Unique Functionalities

The ecommerce website design is about to take a whole new turn in making your business bigger. Create flat websites that are device agnostic and showcase high resolution product images. Use full page background image and apply background effects to add to that extra oomph factor to your online store.

Use the Big Data for Effective Segmentation and Personalisation

Pioneering strategies like segmentation, personalisation and a customer centric business model will provide broader opportunities for competitive advantage. E commerce players may invest in capturing the big data to analyse customer behaviour and apply these inferences in redefining their approach.

Promote Spontaneous Purchase through Social Media

Social media marketing techniques for the ecommerce industry are like the strings of a trampoline. There is no better platform than the top social media forums to promote the spontaneous as well as the “discovery” purchases of your products and services. Maximise your social presence in the upcoming years to stay ahead in the race.

Mobile Gadgets become the Real Buying Device

Robust ecommerce website development for the online store is undoubtedly the most important requisite. However with the increasing number of shoppers turning to mobile devices, ecommerce firms must provide a safe and simple mobile shopping platform that is compatible across all type of smartphones and tablets.

Do not Neglect the Opportunities of Content Marketing
The opportunities for successful ecommerce marketing lie largely with developing the right content for your website. Curated content, user-generated blogs, newsletters, press releases and attention grabbing info graphics are some the great tools that help enriching your content.
To conclude, ecommerce is about to change the future of the retail industry. Retailers must keep in pace with the dynamic changes of the industry to sustain themselves


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