How to Reach on Top of Google Search Results?

February 22, 2023 How to Reach on Top of Google Search Results? By Gaurav Madan

As you aim to reach the top of Google’s organic search results, you need to consider various factors related to your website’s overall structure, functioning, content, optimization, etc. Basically, all these factors are interrelated and can be set right with the help of an effective SEO strategy that plays a crucial role in helping your website rank higher on search engines like Google. Here are the best ways to show up in Google search results.

  1. Know your niche keywords

This step begins with creating a list of your offerings. Post that, how they help resolve a consumer’s problem. Then, determine how consumers could search for your products/services. For instance, if you own a motorcycle dealership agency, your primary keywords can be ‘motorcycle dealers’ or ‘motorcycle dealers near me’ or even ‘buy motorcycle in Los Angeles.’ Similarly, if you own a restaurant, your keywords could be restaurants or top restaurants near me.

Keywords can be one single word or in phrases, and you can find many relevant keywords for your website to broaden your targeting. However, make sure you use different keywords for different back pages. If you are a beginner, you can try exploring Google Keyword Planner to find the most suitable keywords for your business or brand.

  1. Use the right keywords the right way

Let’s take Google for an example, which is the most used search engine worldwide. Google’s crawlers go through the web, analyze millions of pages, rank them, and store them in its index. Just as a user enters a query, Google finds the most relevant web pages from its index and shows them in the results. Therefore, if you target high-ranking keywords in your content, you increase the chances of getting in top search results.

However, never overuse keywords, as Google doesn’t consider this practice genuine. The core purpose of using keywords is to make it easier for Google (or any search engine) crawlers to notice and get your website indexed. Hence, include keywords throughout your page and content, from URL, headers, and body text to Meta title, Meta description, and alt tags.

  1. Post helpful content on your web pages

As mentioned above, overstuffing keywords can never help you rank high; on the contrary, they can lower your rank on search engines. Therefore, choose your keywords wisely and use the best ones naturally in your website content. In addition, search engines give preference to webpages with genuine, helpful content that helps users get knowledge and resolve their queries. Now you know what types of content you can post on your website, simply use keywords naturally within the conversations. If your business is in Atlanta and you usually run short on time and resources, you may consider consulting an Atlanta-based digital marketing company and getting appropriate help.

  1. Target your local audience

The next best way to reach the top of search engine results is to target your locality, city, or primary region of business. You might have included your address on the contact page, but try to include your target location on other pages, too, such as service pages or blogs. Users don’t always enter location-focused queries. In that case, Google can provide relevant results from the user’s region based on the query.

  1. Build a mobile-friendly website

Making your website mobile-responsive is the need of the hour. Why? Because the number of smartphone users is increasing enormously, and so is the number of mobile searches. If your site or content is not optimized for mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet, you might be losing on a lot of opportunities. A big portion of your target audiences most likely use a smartphone to search for products/services that you also offer. Therefore, having a responsive website is a must nowadays to show up in Google’s search results. Since you might not be able to do it yourself, you may hire a Los Angeles-based SEO company, which also offers web design/development services.

  1. Don’t forget to work on user experience

Targeting high-ranking keywords, providing helpful information, and making your website mobile-friendly will play their own parts. But the overall user experience leaves its own impression that influences users’ decision to make a purchase. Therefore, make sure your website is appealing and user-friendly, from design and layout to technical perspectives. For example, a brilliant web design may woo users, but the poor loading speed of the webpage can make them go off your website toward your competitors.

Good user experience means users will return to your website or might even bring referral traffic. So, make your website easy to use and navigate, provide multiple, easy options (across webpages) to connect with your company, and keep web content grammatically correct, readable, highly engaging, and helpful. In addition, Google notices all these activities, so the better the user experience you provide, the better it will be for your website ranking.

  1. Create and optimize your Google Business Profile

Registering for a Google Business Profile is another best way to improve your business’s online visibility. This profile can be your way to boost local targeting. When a user searches for a business like yours, Google may present your business profile in the list if you’ve included your location. It only takes a few minutes to set up the profile and the process is also easy.

After creating your profile, add as much information as you can about your business, including the brand name, pictures, address, contact details, map link, website link, etc. Providing these details will help users know more about your business, and they can easily contact you. Doing that will also drive traffic to your website.

Also, note that Google verifies each business profile, so make sure you enter the correct information and double-check everything before submitting it to avoid rejection. Once your profile is verified, only then will it be visible to the public. Not only that, you can edit the details in your profile any time you want or as per your need. For instance, if you move your business from one city to another, you can update the new address instead of creating a new profile.

  1. Get customer reviews

Customer feedback matters a lot, not only for businesses but also for potential customers. Yes, your target audience wants to know how your previous customers feel about you or your business. Do you have some happy customers? Ask them to write a review on your Google Business Profile, or better, you can ask them to provide a short video testimonial. You can post that on your website, and your potential customers will start to see you as an authentic, reliable brand. Moreover, Google also analyzes the ratings and reviews given by users to evaluate if your web pages should get a higher rank.

  1. Leverage other business listing websites

Getting great reviews on your Google Business Profile and posting some testimonials on your website will help your potential customers trust you. But what about those who don’t reach your website or business page? Yes, many people also look for independent business listing websites. So, creating your business account on websites like Yelp and Trustpilot will enable you to broaden the scope of good site traffic. When a potential user searches for something relevant to your business in your region, your business profile on these websites can appear on the top results if you have good reviews and high ratings.

Showing up in Google’s top search results will help you not only improve visibility, drive more traffic, and boost leads but also become an authoritative figure in your industry, increasing credibility and conversions.

However, many business owners usually don’t have an SEO plan or hold sufficient knowledge of the topic, or just don’t have time for that. If you are also one of them and have your business in Houston, you can take help from a reliable agency offering services like SEO or digital marketing in Houstonlike Autus Digital Agency. Our digital marketing experts are knowledgeable, skilled, and professional who can help you prepare the best SEO strategies for your business. Our client-centric approach ensures complete, round-the-clock client support. For result-focused, customized, and affordable digital marketing services, contact us today. Dial +1(929)357-3255 to discuss your requirements and get a quote.


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