Top Duplicate Content Checkers for Website Content

October 11, 2021 Top Duplicate Content Checkers for Website Content By Gaurav Madan

An online presence is a must in today’s world. More and more people are embracing technology and prefer to shop online via apps and websites rather than walking into a brick-and-mortar shop. And, hence a good website for your company can make or break a business. Once you have a website in place, you will also need quality Phoenix SEO services to improve your site’s ranking. However, for an SEO to be successful with your website, the content on your website must be of high quality and unique. Wondering how you can ensure your website content is unique? Read on for more!

Duplicate content can harm your website in several ways. Thankfully, there are several free duplicate content checker tools that you can use to ensure that the content on your site is 100% plagiarism-free.

It can be tempting for you to simply copy and paste content from various websites, however choosing to plagiarize the content of your website is a rather risky strategy. Plagiarism offline can lead to loss of respect, degrees, firing from jobs, and several legal repercussions as well. Plagiarism is considered to be a detestable practice in the real world, and that extends to the online world as well. Using duplicate content can prove to be a costly mistake!

Using Duplicate Content Checkers

Most marketing agencies in NYC highly recommend using duplicate content checkers to ensure that the content on your website is not copied from elsewhere. This is because search engines motive to provide users valuable and original content and hence regard plagiarism as not just distasteful but also simply unacceptable. When a search engine indexes a website, it will scan the web page’s content and then compare the content on the site with other websites that are indexed.

If and when a web page is found to hold duplicate content, search engines will penalize the site by lowering its ranking. If the entire website is plagiarized, you stand the risk of being removed entirely from search results. This can ultimately have a major impact on all your SEO efforts.

Search engines want to provide valuable, unique content, so they regard plagiarism as a threat to their users’ experience. When a search engine indexes a web page, it scans the page’s content and then compares the content with other indexed websites.

If a page is found to have duplicate content, search engines generally penalize the page by lowering its rankings or removing it entirely from search results. This can be a great loss to you as a company and sabotage all your SEO efforts. In light of the serious penalties that your site can be imposed with, if it has any plagiarized content, it is highly recommended by every SEO Company Los Angeles that you check the content you plan to publish on your website for duplication. 

Top Duplicate Content Checkers for Your Website Content

As a thumb rule, you must and should check if your website content is plagiarized. Do so even if you are confident about the content on the site to make sure nothing was duplicated unintentionally. Checking for plagiarism does not cost you a penny, especially if you use one of the following duplicate content checker tools.


Duplichecker is one of the best plagiarism checkers out there. This tool allows you to conduct extensive text searches, URL searches, text files, or Docx files. The tool is free and allows you to perform unlimited searches once you have registered on the website. The tool is user-friendly and scans for duplication in just a few seconds. The time, of course, will depend on the length of the page, text, or file that you are checking. Simple, effective, and free, Duplichecker is certainly worth a try.


Yet another cool tool to check an entire website for any duplicate content is Siteliner. This site is simple to use and rather straightforward. Simply paste the website URL in the search box, and Sitleliner will scan the entire web for duplicate content. Siteliner will also scan page load time, internal and external links, and even the number of words per page. The scan can take a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of your website. Once the scan has been completed, you will be able to click on the results tab to get more insight into the results. You can also download a report of the scan for future reference. Siteliner, however, limits its service to just one scan per website per month. If you wish to scan your website more than once a month, you will be charged 1c a page.


PlagSpotter is a tool that is not just free and quick but also thorough. According to users, scanning a webpage for any duplicate content takes less than a minute. The search also includes links to the source of the copied content for your further review. You may also use the originality feature that will allow you to compare the text that has been flagged as duplicate with the source. You can use PlagSpotter’s URL search for free. The website also offers a no-cost 7-day trial that includes numerous useful features such as unlimited searches, plagiarism monitoring, batch searches, and even full site scans! After the free trial, the paid version is very affordable should you choose to continue the services it offers.


Last but not least is Copyscape. This website offers a free URL search. The result comes up in merely a few seconds. However, the free version is not equipped to do deep searches and instead breaks down the text to search for partial duplication. The paid version, on the other hand, does an extremely thorough job in finding exact duplicate sources and matches. Like PlagSpotter, Copyscape too offers a free comparison tool that will highlight any and all duplicate content in the text that is searched. The free service offers a limited number of searches. The Premium account on the other hand allows you to search text excerpts, do deep searches, and also monitor for duplicate content on a monthly basis.

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