Top Reasons to Use Infographics in your Content Marketing

December 2, 2014 Top Reasons to Use Infographics in your Content Marketing By Gaurav Madan

Considering the sheer amount of information that is developed especially for the internet every day, one of the biggest challenges you will face as a marketer is to make sure that your message is read. Infographics help in the aesthetic exhibition of large amounts of information that would otherwise look mundane and subsequently be ignored. By finding the right balance between design, content and analysis, infographics make it easier for audiences to consume big data in small portions.

Here are some reasons why infographics now make a critical part of your content –

  • Infographics help reinforce your brand position effectively when the subject matter is able to complement your brand’s marketing goals.
  • Infographics attract individuals who prefer to learn through visual aids. It is said that 405 of the consumers tend to respond better to visual information as against plain text.
  • The colors and designs of these graphics help appeal to the human eye, hereby bringing otherwise mundane stories to life.
  • It is possible to make large sets of information more coherent and interesting.
  • Infographics can be easily shared on social networks giving technical businesses a chance to go viral
  • Infographics are also proving to be an effective tool from an SEO perspective. These tend to score well with Google’s search engine algorithms, giving you a chance to bump up your rankings.
  • With attention spans and time both going down, using these graphics allows you to stand out in a mass data environment.

By making effective use of analysis, industry expertise, and information and balancing it with the right design skills, it is possible for businesses belonging to a variety of industries to attract customers. Considering that content is still king, infographics allow your business to make its presence known across social platforms as well & SEO company Los Angeles.

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