Right Marketing Tool to Drive Web Traffic, SEO or PPC?

September 1, 2015 Right Marketing Tool to Drive Web Traffic, SEO or PPC? By Gaurav Madan

A classic comparison from the world of digital marketing is the one between search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC). Every organization inclined towards boosting its online traffic faces this dilemma. This long-existent debate has failed to favor any one particular technique over the other for more than one justified reason.

Quite reasonably, there really cannot be one magic solution to reincarnate a business into an online marketing guru! The right blend of SEO best practices and a well-executed PPC campaign can together make websites sales-ready. However, on a more profound note, SEO does offer some benefits that clearly outrun PPC as a viable marketing tool for small and medium-sized businesses.

Where does SEO gain its edge?

PPC is a great solution for immediate results. Organisations can see traffic driven by their website in just a few days (a few hours, in some cases) after the launch of a PPC campaign. It is an ideal marketing tool for promoting seasonal offers and offers greater control while targeting customers. Consumers only pay for the clicks and therefore can be considered highly result-driven. But is PPC viable in the long run? Can smaller organizations working under stringent budget constraints afford PPC? The answer is no. And this is where SEO takes the lead.

When do SEO techniques work best?

If you are looking to promote a mega seasonal sale for your brand, SEO may not be the right candidate! But the benefits of a well-defined SEO strategy are so irresistible that both large enterprises as well as smaller firms experiencing the following aspirations must take advantage of this revenue-generating giant.

Organic credibility and brand presence: A vast majority of internet users believe that organic search results offer more reliability than paid ads. If you are looking to build a trusted brand space in your particular industry, then SEO company Los Angeles is the way to go.

Increased exposure and for free: With high-quality SEO, any organization can earn increased exposure across various search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on. This is also an opportunity to define the geographical service area of the organization and to find a place in the relevant area maps.

Higher ROI chances: With a very minimal investment, SEO techniques offer the highest chance of quicker and better ROI. Research reveals that organic results attract 8 times higher leads than paid results. Thus SEO is the slow and steady winner in the race to a better web presence.

Final thoughts…

The affordability and the long-term benefits clearly indicate SEO is the leader when it comes to creating a robust digital lifeline for your organisation. A PPC campaign can be good but when combined with a strong  SEO strategy it most definitely yields better results and brings in more trusted leads.

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