The Essentials of Key Ranking Factors in Local SEO

December 20, 2016 The Essentials of Key Ranking Factors in Local SEO By Gaurav Madan

In today’s times, local SEO forms a critical part of any business model and important for improving results in SERPs. Consumers can reach out to your business using social media channel. Word of mouth publicity on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn can work wonders for a business. When online consumers publish their thoughts about a brand on a blog, in reviews, or in comments, they give the search engines a better picture of what attributes should be assigned to a brand. Businesses with a better image online tend to attract more local business as consumers develop a trusted image of the business in their minds.

Local business owners not only need to own their citations but they should also include their NAP (Name, address, phone number) which should ideally be in sync all over the board. This helps the search engines in better tracking the responses to a business and also, helps local businesses in claiming authority and building a healthy SEO foundation. When a small business owner builds up a website then, he takes complete authority of maintaining a website, building up an active social media presence, and proper attribution of online information; it helps to overcome local market competitors. There are some local digital marketing agencies available that can help local businesses with SEO.

Besides, including a NAP, it is important to build local links and citations. There are several ways to gather information about local citations. Tools such as Ahrefs, Open site explorer, competitive link research and Majestic are helpful to analyze competitors’ local citations. This can be further used in earning/building links. Below mentioned graph illustrates the importance of each SEO factor that contributes in improving website authority.

With proper understanding of various factors responsible for enhancing website authority, we can analyze reasons responsible improving website ranking and also, weak points can be filtered. To conclude, there are several ways to focus and stress upon Los Angeles SEO Agency. By just focusing upon and optimizing specific factors, you can enhance the website traffic tremendously.


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