Why Online Citations Matter for Local Businesses

December 21, 2016 Why Online Citations Matter for Local Businesses By Gaurav Madan

In this age of social media, search engines put great emphasis on citations in their search results. A citation, simply put, is a direct mention of a brand or a business in online reviews, comments, blog posts, or social media posts such as Twitter or Facebook posts. These online citations help search engines build a clearer picture of a brand’s value for customers who are searching for similar terms.

Local Marketing Efforts are Essential for Businesses

By marketing for local search terms and providing customers with a positive experience, small businesses can build a positive rapport in the market. Local marketing helps business owners in better understanding their customers and providing them with exactly what they are looking for Los Angeles SEO Agency.

This can help in increasing their positive citations in the market and aid them in getting more customers. According to surveys, consumers are more likely to use a business’ services if it has positive reviews from other customers. There is no marketing strategy more powerful than word of mouth publicity and businesses can benefit immensely from the positive mentions they get on the web.

Online Citations Can Help in SERPs

Consumer citations can be an important factor to initiate local SEO efforts. Search engines assign great importance to citations and it also helps businesses that have worked hard to develop a positive brand image in the local market. Citations might just be the extra boost a business needs to scale over their competitors in local search engine results.

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