The Advantages of Responsive Web Design for SEO

December 2, 2014 The Advantages of Responsive Web Design for SEO By Gaurav Madan

Desktops are no longer the only medium used to surf the World Wide Web. Evolution in technology has resulted in the introduction of a variety of devices that allow us to surf the internet on the go. Responsive Web Design is a result of these evolutions that compel website designers to offer flexibility to users in accessing portals on devices that come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

In addition to easy accessibility, there are a number of SEO benefits too that are exhibited by websites that opt for responsive web design

Improved Ability to Utilize

Google almost always wants to send its users to websites that are most useful and relevant to them. If a visitor browses through your website and immediately returns to the SERP, the search engine notices that your site may or may not be of relevance to the user. With about 46% of consumers leaving a website that doesn’t work well on their mobile phones, make sure you incorporate responsive technology becomes important.

Avoiding Duplicate Content

With the help of a responsive website, you needn’t worry about being hit by Panda for having the same content on your mobile and desktop website. With a responsive website, the content serves both visitors from the same URL.

Contributing to Mobile Search Rankings

Google is known to give special preferences to websites that are compatible with all devices such as desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Link Building

It also aids your link building initiatives, since when another website links to your main site they are automatically linking to its mobile version as well.

Finally, local SEO company Phoenix and local search is further leveraged since studies show that 50% of mobile users end up visiting stores or establishments after a successful search. Other benefits related to bounce rates, URL structure and optimization of images are also experienced.


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