7 Tips for Plastic Surgery Marketing

September 17, 2022 7 Tips for Plastic Surgery Marketing By Gaurav Madan

Your plastic surgery practice might be doing well but you can give it a little more boost using some excellent marketing methods. In today’s world where almost all sectors, including healthcare, are growing rapidly, it has become easier to promote a plastic surgeon or a plastic surgery clinic both offline and online.

Marketing Tips for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

If you are looking for good marketing techniques for plastic surgery practices, you are at the right place as we will discuss some of the top tips for plastic surgery marketing with major focus on online marketing methods. Let’s read through it to get some excellent insights that you can use to prepare the next marketing strategy for your plastic surgery practice.

Create Your Website or Optimize the Existing One

If you do not have a website representing your practice online yet, you should create one and optimize it. Or if you are already running one, optimize it to attract more traffic. A massive part of the American population goes online to search for medical practitioners. Get the best SEO services for doctors to increase your visibility.

Your potential patients would want to have sufficient information about you or your practice (for which they land on your website) before they get in touch with you about their needs. In order to attract more patients toward your practice, it is important to make sure your website is optimized with the right content (including keywords), pictures, practitioners’ bios, patients’ reviews, etc. Optimize your website to get it noticed by search engines, reaching higher in search results, and eventually reaching your target audience.

Create a Google My Business Profile

Good online ratings and reviews of your practice will help you improve your online reputation, which helps gain your audience’s trust. Besides that, it also helps you appear on multiple platforms, increasing the chances of getting more website visitors organically. You might be already familiar with Google business profiles, whenever you search a business entity on Google. It shows basic but important information about that organization including what people say about it.

You can also register your practice with Google My Business and create an account, add all crucial information – practice name, address, contact information, a brief description, website link, and everything important. After that, update the information as and when required. For example, adding latest photos of the practice, upcoming events, etc. And ask your patients to share their feedback and give rating as per their experience.

Use Social Media Platforms

With so many people not active on social media, it is possible that you might have also not realized the power of it. If so, know that it can change the game and excellently aid your plastic surgery marketing techniques.

Nowadays, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become a huge part of any business’s digital marketing plans, even for independent physicians, dentists, and plastic surgeons. Not only it enables you to connect with everyone including your previous, current, and potential patients and grow your network of audience but also build relationships with them.

Publish Relevant and Informative Content

Content marketing, a branch digital marketing, revolves around everything that your target audience will see online to learn about you. Everything from texts to photos to videos to podcasts is content in some form. If you publish an article, or post a how-to video, or even share pictures of an advance plastic surgery instrument/equipment you just bought, make sure it is relevant, original, and well-delivered; basically, worthy enough for your audience’s time and knowledge.

Never share copied content as it will be of no use. In fact, it can backfire as search engine crawlers can remove your website or even block it from search results. Therefore, it would be good to post original, authentic content even if you have less of it.

Run Ads on Different Platforms

While expanding digital footprints would bring good results in terms of leads, running online ads can help increase the effectiveness of a marketing strategy for plastic surgeons. Paid ads such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. are helpful in reaching a broader spectrum of audience, especially those whom you might not be able to reach organically.

As soon as you post an ad on Facebook, your ad will appear on the feeds of people who are connected with you as well as those are not even following you but might be interested in your services. If you are on Google, your ads will show up above the actual search results if you optimize the ads with precise keywords and content tone.

Put a CTA on All Pages

The majority of user traffic comes on your website is already looking for plastic surgery treatment. You only need to make them realize why they should choose you over your competitors. For this, you can use webpages filled with information that states your specialties, experience, certificates, etc. but after all that you want them to connect with you.

Therefore, it is advised to put ‘call to action phrases across web pages to never miss a chance of generating a potential lead. Even better, if you can place a ‘contact us’ form where they can provide their requirements and contact information.

Share Your Success Stories

Ask your all happily satisfied patients for permission to use their case as a success story of your plastic surgery practice. There are many ways to portray your story on your website as well as social media handles. For example, you can create a video testimonial with the help of a patient or you can post ‘before and after’ stories, describing how you helped a patient, or anything that comes as a good success story. Performing a complex plastic surgery successfully can also be an excellent success story.

These tips will help you prepare your own unique plastic surgery marketing techniques that are helpful in bringing optimal results. However, SEO and digital marketing need time and effort. Therefore, to make sure you don’t get yourself distracted from your core responsibilities, hiring an SEO company for SEO services in San Jose would be a great idea. All your digital marketing needs will be managed by professionals while you will get sufficient time for running your practice and focus on its growth.

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