Google SGE And Generative AI In Search: How It’ll Affect SEO

April 10, 2024 Google SGE And Generative AI In Search: How It’ll Affect SEO By Gaurav Madan

In the past few years, AI has dramatically improved search performance. In May 2023, Google announced its new AI-powered search model, Search Generative Experiences (SGE), which is currently in the beta phase.

With SGE, users will get summarized answers from different sources in the SERPs. The complete SGE is supposed to roll out in mid-2024 in the US.

This shift in the new search era will require businesses to adapt their strategies to stay ahead of the competition. In this blog, we will explore Google SGE further. Let’s explore more about it below.

What is Google SGE?

Google SGE is a new approach to search results that uses generative AI to answer users’ queries with summarized information from different sources. It aims to supercharge users’ search experience and quickly offer an idea of a topic.

It will answer queries using follow-up questions, snapshots, vertical experiences, and others. This will eliminate the need to click on different pages to get an idea about a topic.

How Do I Turn On Google SGE?

You can use Google SGE if you have a Chrome browser or a Google account, you are 18 or above, and you are from one of those 120+ countries where it is available.

Here Are The Steps To Turn On Google SGE:

  • Sign in to your Google account and open Chrome.
  • Go to Google and click on the “Labs” icon at the top right of the page. If that icon isn’t available in your country yet, you won’t be able to discover it.
  • You will then find the “SGE, generative AI in search”, turn it on and click on the toggle icon.

After following these steps, you are all set to try Google SGE for your searches.

How Do You Turn Off Google SGE?

You can disable Google Search Generative Experience with the steps mentioned below:

  • Open a new tab in Chrome.
  • Click on the “Labs” button at the top right of the page.
  • Click on the toggle button to turn off generative AI search results, and you’re done.

How Does Google SGE Work?

First, let’s take a dig into what generative AI is.

Generative AI is a model that can help you create content in all formats, i.e., text, images, videos, and audio.

This system works on large language models (LLMs) that have already been trained on a lot of data. GPT-4 is an LLM that powers ChatGPT and Bing. Google uses an LLM called Pathways Language Model 2 (PaLM 2).

Google’s generative AI uses different AI-powered tools in its products, such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP). These tools help the search engine understand users’ queries and find relevant content to answer them.

How can marketers prepare for Google SGE?

Marketers can sustain this emerging technology by adapting their strategies. Here are some tips that marketers can implement to prepare for Google SGE.

  • Upgrade Your SEO Strategies

This is an important tip that marketers should implement ASAP. Following conventional SEO practices will no longer work. You need to leverage new technologies to build a more evolved SEO strategy and stay ahead of your competitors.

Now, just using keywords in the content isn’t going to move your website up in search engines. The only way in today’s evolving algorithms is to create valuable and useful content for users.

You cannot rely on creating generic content to outrank your competitors. Instead, focus on creating unique, thought-provoking content that reflects human perspectives.

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  • Follow E-E-A-T principles

Google’s search algorithms pay close attention to E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) signals. You can implement this with link-building, customer reviews, etc.

  • Be the Go-to source for key information in your niche

As a marketer, you must also think about becoming a go-to source for all the important information in your niche rather than just targeting money-making keywords.

Cover topics in your content in detail and build internal links to improve their authority. Also, focus on earning backlinks from reputed websites to improve your content’s authoritativeness.

  • Build A Good Online Reputation.

Google always prefers websites with good reputations, aiming to maximize user experience. The search engine giant wants every SGE result to be as accurate as possible, so it only shows results from reputed websites.

  • Use Long-Tail Keywords

Remember to incorporate long-tail keywords into your list. Google SGE generates more detailed and personalized answers from different sources.

Hence, using informative long-tail keywords will help your website optimize for SGE. Besides, long-tail keywords also have higher conversion rates than short ones.

  • Embrace Experimentation

Keep trying to develop new and innovative ideas to help create content that resonates best with your target audience. Try user-generated content to AI content to find what caters best for users’ searches.

Though Google SGE definitely throws challenges to marketers it also introduces opportunities to work on engaging with users.

  • Structured Data Markup

An effective SEO campaign combined with powerful, structured data markup techniques can help optimize your website for SGE.

How Google SGE Will Benefit Users?

  • Pulls high-quality search results faster: This is one of the biggest benefits users can enjoy with Google SGE. For example, suppose you entered a query for “how SEO can boost my business”. If you have turned on Google SGE while browsing, you will get summarized answers without even clicking on any websites. This is what makes SGE exceptional.
  • Shows informative snapshots: Google SGE focuses on providing simple and clear snapshots of information to maximize the search experiences for users.
  • Offers valuable suggestions for follow-up questions: SGE also suggests other follow-up questions in snippets, which helps users gather more information about the topic and the resources.
  • Suggest next steps: SGE summarizes informative results from different sources and suggests several other resources that you can explore for more detailed information.

How SGE Displays Search Results?

Searchers can get SGE results in three different variants discussed below:

  • Collapsed: As per some sources, Google SGE displays collapsed results 16% of the time. You will need to click on “show more” to read the full AI-generated result.

How SGE Displays Search Results?

  • Opt-in: 68% of users get opt-in results, which means that after you enter a query, you will have the option of generating an AI-powered overview.

How SGE Displays Search Results?

  • No SGE: It’s not necessary for SGE to show AI-powered search results for all your searches. Reports claim that users don’t get an AI-powered result 15% of the time. This means users will have search results as we see without using SGE. Searches for any specific services or products that show summarized AI-driven results won’t help users be more likely to see such results.

How Will Google SGE Impact SEO?

Many marketers might be worried about the potential negative impact of Google SGE on website ranking and traffic. But let’s be honest; it’s too early to claim any such things.

As of now, you must focus on generating high-quality useful content by following E-E-A-T principles. Here are some ways SGE can impact SEO:

There Might Not Be Featured Snippets Anymore

Featured snippets are brief information in text form that appears at the top whenever we make any searches.

As Google SGE focuses on showing information from several sources at the top of the page, users might not see featured snippets any further.

More Weightage To Relevant Meta-Images

As SGE will show results from different resources, it increases the chance of your website being included. However, achieving this would require you to put more effort into creating attractive meta images that resonate with your page.

Including Videos And Images For Specific Searches

Remember that relevant pictures and videos are still important for some searches. For example, you can use videos for “how to do downward yoga pose correctly” to level up your visual content game.

Impact On Traffic For Some Searches

With the emergence of SGE, it is clear that Google is taking steps to help users with “zero-click searches.”

This can impact websites’ traffic, as users can find information with a single search. But since Google SGE will show the source of resources, you might still get a chance to attract traffic.

Furthermore, if any users want to have detailed information for their searches, they will click on websites. Just focus on your content and website optimization.

The Top “10” Results Might Be Not That Important

Google SGE will gather information from various websites to help users with the most accurate data.

And, it’s not necessary that only ranked websites have relevant information though we agree that they are preferred. But Google SGE will not entirely depend on the top 10 results for gathering information.

User-First Content

Don’t abandon creating SEO-friendly content just with the threat of zero-click searches. Generating user-first content with all the relevant information in your niche will demonstrate your expertise and improve the trustworthiness of your brand.

More Importance To Long-Tail Keywords

Google is shifting from a traditional search approach to an interactive one. This will require advertisers to use long-tail keywords that are conversational, such as “What are the best indoor plants?” Put yourself in the shoes of users to choose the most relevant keywords in your niche.

Refreshed Publish Date For Content

Last but not least, Google will publish data on the sources in the AI-powered results. So make sure to refresh the publish date every time you update the content. This will also increase website traffic.

How Does Google SGE Differ From ChatGPT and Bing?

Google SGE vs ChatGPT

ChatGPT reached millions of users just two months after its launch in late 2022. Initially, both ChatGPT and Google seemed to cater to the same purpose: providing users with answers to their search queries.

But both of them are very different. ChatGPT is trained to mimic human language and is also more conversational. You can literally talk with this ChatGPT and it will answer.

Besides, ChatGPT can also help in collaborative tasks like generating a unique idea to develop a blog, article, or any other content.

Coming to Google, SGE aims to provide faster, easier, simple AI-powered search results to the users without clicking on different sites.

Google SGE vs Bing

Microsoft also incorporated an AI chatbot into Bing in early 2023, using the same ChatGPT technology to offer users tailored results for their searches.

For example, if you enter “What type of food can improve the immunity system of kids”, it will give you a detailed response for it.

Furthermore, just like Google SGE, Bing also suggests other follow-up questions for every search query.

One key advantage that Bing has over Google is that its AI-powered search is already available for users across the world.

Answering Some Frequently Asked Questions on Google SGE

Can I Turn Off Google SGE?

Yes, Google has given users the authority to turn off Google SGE on their choices. We have covered the steps to turn off the above in this blog.

Is Google SGE Safe To Use?

Yes! Google SGE has been designed to help users with searches that aren’t meant on dangerous or harmful topics such as self-harm or poison etc. For such searches, it will only show trusted websites that rank higher.

When Will Google SGE Roll Out?

Google SGE is currently in the beta testing phase and can be rolled out at any time in 2024.

What Does SGE Stand For In Google’s Context?

SGE stands for Search Generative Experience (SGE), which aims to transform users’ search approaches. With the help of generative AI, it will display quick and clear information on users’ search queries.

The digital landscape will keep changing, and we all need to adapt to it to stay ahead of the competition instead of being afraid of upgrades. Google SGE has brought a massive change in search approach and eventually impacted SEO.

However, with the right steps, businesses can prevent their website’s ranking from sinking down. Leverage the new technology and focus on creating useful, informative content for users. Hiring a reliable digital marketing agency like Autus Digital Agency can help you outrank competitors and create a robust SEO strategy. Get in touch with us today.


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