Digital Marketing 101: Essentials Every Marketer Must Know

February 10, 2017 Digital Marketing 101: Essentials Every Marketer Must Know By Gaurav Madan

The digital age has brought a dramatic shift in the way businesses market their products. And this shift in marketing strategy has resulted from customers constantly evolving buying patterns. They have started interacting with the brands across several touch points. This change is driving companies to completely alter the way they reach out to customers. And this shift not only encompasses the flexibility to choose the desired marketing channel but also, covers different effective ways for enhancing customer service level using several digital marketing channels.

Without a doubt, it’s the customer age. And to feed customer demands, the online marketing trend penetrating almost every industry seems not all surprising. It has opened up new business avenues for different companies enabling them to enhance its success rate using multiple channels. Here’s an overview on different ways digital marketing enables businesses to fulfill its objectives;

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Strategy

PPC ads are great option for maximizing output from marketing efforts and expanding the reach of your brand in a short span. It helps to generate targeted traffic and thereby, improves the number of leads. PPC campaigns enable businesses to add up the website traffic by doing targeted campaigning for specific keywords. PPC marketing channel can help to boost up the sales number during, the best sales periods and in specific geographic regions. Determining return on investment and managing costs is easy as, we have to pay for PPC only when an ad is clicked.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is another channel that can be used to spread content for your brand and grab attention from social networks. Social media platform allows sharing of message and creating brand awareness easily without putting in any expenses. Not just simply sharing of messages but also, circulating marketing campaigns becomes easy and this enables marketers to reach out wider audience and increase the customer base.

Content Marketing

Without a doubt, content marketing has been emerging as one critical factor for improving efficiency of any business model. It not only steers the lead number but also, increases the sales number. Content marketing enables marketers to circulate valuable information; however, developing a perfect content strategy takes a lot of time. As, revealed through statistics, it’s only 42% of B2B marketers effective implement content marketing strategies. Content marketing is a long-term effort and takes a lot of time to improve brand’s visibility online.

Marketing Automation

Sales team can put in focused team efforts and optimize the complete customer list with the help of marketing automation tools. Marketing strategy can be streamlined by letting marketers automate the repetitive tasks such as social media optimization, emailing. Also, CRM systems integration with these tools helps to reduce sales process glitches by enabling sales reps to gather the entire customer data over the same platform. Tools such as marketo, mautic, infusion soft offers businesses an easily solution automate the entire marketing strategy.

Wrapping it up

To conclude, digital marketing firms Los Angeles is no longer a buzz-word. With consistent efforts and proper techniques in place you can improve the presence of your website and improve the business performance.


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