Secret HVAC Digital Marketing Ideas That You Can Use Today to Get More Leads!

August 13, 2021 Secret HVAC Digital Marketing Ideas That You Can Use Today to Get More Leads! By Gaurav Madan

Running a successful HVAC business is no easy task. That said, it is certainly one of the best kinds of businesses you can run. Whether the economy is in recession or is booming, HVAC companies remain in business. However, your HVAC business needs to have a strong brand presence to dominate the market and remain profitable. While there are many ways to ensure your business continues to grow, one of the sure-shot ways is to hire a digital marketing agency in San Jose to help with branding and marketing. Listed below are a few ways to integrate SEO and digital marketing to boost your business.

1. Employ Local Search Engine Marketing

Digital marketing is without doubt key to running a successful HVAC marketing campaign. Most industries aim at reaching out to as many people as possible, but when it comes to your HVAC business, you should focus on grabbing the attention of local customers. There are many aspects that constitute affordable local SEO packages, but your business can generate many qualified calls and foot traffic by using local HVAC marketing campaigns. Remember, most people who will look for your services are bound to be local to you. And, for you to feature in local searches, Google needs to know what you do and where you do it to be able to publish your business’s page when a customer looks for HVAC services.

Be sure to speak to the SEO Company you hire about featuring your company in the Map Pack so that your business shows up when anyone looks for the products you sell or the services you render. This can be easily accomplished via a successful local SEO company houston, backlinks, citations, review management, and Google My Business. If you wish to optimize your website for handheld devices, it is important that you also include relevant keywords and a clear call to action. While optimizing your web page or building one from scratch, be sure to check the following points.

Add Contact Details to All Pages

Remember that search engines such as Google use your name, address, and number to list your business on all local SEO directories. It is therefore prudent that every page on your website has your correct contact details.

Add Your HVAC Business to All Local Directories

Google, Bing, and most popular search engines use citations from local directories in order to list your contact details in local SEO listings. Ensure that you generate citations and claim your listings in all top local directories in your neighborhood for best results.

Optimize Google My Business

A sure-shot way to experience the many benefits of a local SEO for your digital marketing strategy is using GMB – Google My Business. This allows your company to appear at the very top of search results, significantly improving your visibility.

Use of Local Business Schema

For those who do not know what we are talking about, schema mark-up is a great way to help prospective customers and clients find your company by providing all leading search engines with descriptions of your business. The description you provide is then interpreted by Google and other search engines and will help your business stand out from the local competition.

Local Link Building

Yet another great way to help your business stand out in SERP ratings is to build links. These links can be from local publications and will help search engines such as Google and Yahoo better understand the services you render. In addition, local links will give context for the geographical area you provide the services.

Generate More Reviews

An established company gets its reputation from its customers and user reviews. By gathering user reviews, you can greatly boost your HVAC marketing strategy. User reviews will help your business rank in local SEO, help you build trust in the eyes of your customers, and help you market your services to other prospective customers while trying to close HVAC leads.

Create Local Content

As mentioned earlier, your HVAC agency serves your local neighborhood. Hence, you can use your area of operation to your benefit by drafting local content for your website. While local content is much like general content, this kind of content uses specific keywords, terms, and information relevant to your customer base.

2. Run Google Ads to improve HVAC Advertising

Most business owners fail to wrap their heads around a strategy to find regular gigs. Often, they have seasons with few to no jobs. However, it does not have to be the same in your case. By creating targeted HVAC ads via Google Ads, you can supercharge your HVAC marketing strategy. You will find that this will help generate more HVAC leads that you can close. Remember that your HVAC advertising strategy needs to be aligned with the needs of your local customers.

Having someone who lives in a different state will not make sense to your company or the customer. Therefore, your HVAC marketing ideas must also include geotargeting strategies to limit your overspending and push your advertising to customers in your locality. Google Local Service Ads are one of the many tools you can use while building your HVAC marketing strategy. Google Ads are yet another nifty way to tailor your unique brand statement and target your ads based on numerous variables such as audience demographics, specific keywords, and geographic location. Both Google Ads and Google Local Service Ads have a range of benefits for HVAC marketing and can help drive sales. Listed below are a few of the many benefits of Google Ads.

Efficient Costs and High ROI

With Google Ads, you spend money only when a customer clicks your ads. This means you will not be wasting dollars on unqualified leads and can use your funds to optimize PPC ads to reach and convert.

Level and Fair Playing Field

Unlike most other HVAC marketing ideas and strategies, Google Ads offers a very level playing field. This means you can outrank your competitors using optimized and well-crafted Google Ads.

Excellent Access to Data

When you use Google Ads, you will have access to excellent analytics and data sets that you can understand with the help of your SEO Company in dallas to optimize your campaigns.

Targeted Ads

Google Ads can be used to deliver specialized messages to certain geographic areas. This means that you can budget your funds and allocate resources to reach a target audience that is more likely to convert.

Ad Extensions

Aside from creating customized ad messages, you can also use snippets known as Ad Extensions which will boost the visibility of your ads. As an HVAC contractor, you can use these ad extensions to reach out to more local customers and generate more HVAC leads.

The best feature of Google Ads that HVAC contractors such as yourself can use is that you can insert your company name, location, phone number, and specific messaging on each ad.

These features will give you complete control over whom you wish to target the message and what you would like to say.


Top 50 HVAC SEO Keywords for HVAC Contractors

Keyword Avg. monthly searches Competition
ac duct cleaning 5400 Medium
ac installation 14800 Low
ac installation near me 5400 Medium
ac maintenance 5400 Low
ac not blowing cold air 12100 Low
ac not turning on 2400 Low
ac repair 74000 Low
ac repair and service 260 Medium
ac repair near me 60500 High
ac repair service 1600 Low
ac replacement 1600 Low
ac service 9900 Low
ac service near me 14800 High
ac tune up 2900 Low
air conditioner cleaning 3600 High
air conditioner installation near me 4400 Medium
air conditioner near me 14800 High
air conditioner repair near me 27100 Medium
air conditioning companies 8100 Medium
air conditioning contractor 9900 Low
air conditioning installation 18100 Low
air conditioning repair 90500 Low
air conditioning repair service 27100 Low
air conditioning service 27100 Medium
air conditioning service near me 12100 Medium
air duct cleaning 60500 Medium
central air installation 2400 Medium
emergency ac repair near me 1600 Medium
furnace maintenance near me 1600 Medium
furnace repair 49500 Medium
furnace repair near me 18100 Medium
furnace repair service 6600 Low
furnace tune up near me 1300 Medium
heater repair 14800 Medium
heater repair near me 12100 High
heating and cooling repair near me 2900 Medium
heating contractors near me 3600 Medium
home ac repair near me 2400 Low
hvac cleaning 5400 Medium
hvac companies near me 27100 Medium
hvac contractors 33100 Low
hvac contractors near me 8100 Medium
hvac installation 9900 Medium
hvac installation near me 2900 Medium
hvac maintenance 6600 Medium
hvac repair 22200 Low
hvac repair near me 27100 Medium
hvac replacement 1600 High
hvac tune up 1900 Medium
mini split installation 6600 High

3. Publish HVAC Blog Content

One of the least used HVAC marketing tactics is blogging. Most HVAC owners do not see the need for a blog. However, an HVAC blog can help you stand out from your competition while increasing your customers’ trust levels. It is important to not just start a blog but also to post on it regularly. You must include HVAC-related topics that you think will matter to your local target market. While writing your blogs, be sure to consider what your customers already do, what tips they may need, where they shop, and come up with content that will help them out.

If you wish to take your blog one step higher, you may also add local keywords that can connect your blog to other content on your main web page. By regularly posting valuable and informational blogs, you will gain popularity, as people are likely to keep coming back to your page looking for information. Thus, when you build a bank of informational content, you will be the expert they will turn to when they want to install an HVAC unit or repair their heat pump. You will also be able to use the content in your posts to further market your business on social media and improve customer engagement.

There are several other ways you can build your brand and improve sales. If you are looking for an expert digital marketing agency in San Jose to help you develop a successful marketing strategy, look no further than Autus Digital Agency. Our SEO experts have years of experience and have helped several dozen HVAC contractors and businesses successfully market their products and services. Call us today for more information on the many SEO packages we offer.

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