How Hiring Dedicated Developers Can Reduce Project Development Cost?

November 12, 2021 How Hiring Dedicated Developers Can Reduce Project Development Cost? By Gaurav Madan

If you are looking for a custom software solution, it is likely to cost you a good deal of money whether you are a startup company or a large organization. If you are a small company, the huge costs can seem deterring and demotivating. However, there are various other ways to minimize the costs? Wondering how? The answer is simple. Hire a dedicated Laravel developer in India to get your job done.

By hiring dedicated PHP developers in India, for your company’s next software project, you can bring down your overall development costs without having to give up your goals or quality. When you hire a dedicated WordPress developer in India you can be assured to get access to a team of skilled professionals, more flexibility, reduced time to market, robust solutions, and the latest technological resources that will give your business the impetus it deserves. Hiring dedicated developers not just reduces project development costs but also facilitates greater focus on your business. Recruiting dedicated Laravel developers is beyond doubt the best way to lower your software development costs. There are many reasons and advantages of hiring a team of dedicated developers.

Why is Custom Development So Expensive?

Businesses are always looking for clever ingenious ways to keep their projects in line, however, in most cases; they fail miserably to manage the costs associated with their projects. There are many reasons for failure, such as-

Poor Planning – It is not uncommon to see startup companies lacking a proper plan of execution. Proper planning is quintessential in eliminating the extra costs involved with development. You will need to know the needs of your project, which is essential for accurate and proper management.

poor planning

Lack of Communication – This is yet another common problem that software companies face. Communication between the developers and the client cannot be stressed enough. Under communication, micromanagement, and even over-communication can cause the project to fail.

lack of communication

No Testing – In any software project, whether it is a custom solution or otherwise, software testing is a crucial step to ensure that the software created runs smoothly without any bugs. This means that you will need a dedicated testing team to ensure that your product is bug-free. Several small to medium companies try to outsource the testing to other companies that may not be skilled to do the job right.

no testing

It is therefore important that you hire the right team for a custom software project. Hiring a team full-time may not be an option, but there are ways and means to hire a skilled team to complete your project without breaking the bank or compromising the quality of the end product.

Before we can take you through the many benefits of hiring dedicated Laravel developers in India, let us first tell you in what situations must you hire remote developers and if there is a right time to it?

When Should You Hire a Dedicated WordPress Developer in India?

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people approach work on a global level. A majority of companies across the globe have moved to a Work from Home model. Though this model existed pre-pandemic, it has become more popular over the last year or two. The tough times has made companies realize that they can operate remotely without compromising on efficiency and productivity. In fact, businesses today are open to hiring remote developers for their software development projects. Many businesses are also collaborating with other software companies to hire dedicated developer teams as a part of their business continuity plan or new business strategy. Hiring developer teams who work remotely is a successful business strategy and is a favorable model for businesses across various niches. Whether you are a start-up company or have been in the market for several years, you will find hiring a team of developers for your project will be a lot cheaper than going to a company to buy a sophisticated solution.

dedicated wordPress developers india

Several agencies and companies extend their teams of software developers with years of experience and understanding of latest technological innovations, to other companies who are on the lookout for developers for their upcoming project. It has been a growing trend with more and more companies hiring and assigning their projects to remote developers since this working model not only offers cost efficiency but also quality and flexibility. Hiring dedicated software developer teams has become the new normal.

If you are a small start-up company, you too can take advantage of this development service model. By hiring experienced developers online or offline, you can cater to your business needs and strengthen internal capabilities. These developers will streamline the many responsibilities of your in-house team and bring to the table not just their professional skills but also the skills of your existing staff so that quality applications can be developed. Once your project is complete you can choose to let the team go. This makes the entire process flexible and cost effective.

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers in India to Reduce the Overall Costs of The Project

One of the most critical challenges that are faced by companies today is to control development costs. As mentioned earlier hiring a dedicated team of PHP developers in India can help you save a great deal of money irrespective of the size of your company. Listed below are ways in which hiring dedicated Magento developers in India can help your SEO company Los Angeles.

dedicated magento developers india

Software development is without doubt a complex job that requires specific skills and expertise. If you are a small start-up company it is likely that your in-house staff lacks the expertise needed to complete certain software projects. The first solution that probably may come to your mind would be to hire full time resources skilled to do the job. While that may be a good idea, it may not be a cost-effective decision. Based on the project that needs to be completed, it would be a wiser idea to hire a team of dedicated PHP or software developers part time or even on an hourly basis for your project requirements. You could also collaborate with an offshore software development agency such as Autus Digital for your needs. Doing so will not just cut out additional hiring costs but will also give you an access to a large pool of expert and skilled developers and the latest technological resources.

If you are looking to hire a dedicated WordPress developer in India, it can take a lot time to find the right person. However, it may not be sensible to hire a full-time resource for your project. Instead, simply collaborate with a reliable offshore development company and hire dedicated PHP or word press developers on a part time basis. Not only will this ensure your project is completed but will also reduce additional hiring costs and give you the flexibility to pick a team that you think is capable of successfully completing your project.

It is also noteworthy to add that hiring a dedicated PHP developer in India gives you flexibility. The developer can start working on your project right away as opposed to you having to outsource the project and wait for the other company to allocate resources for the completion of the project.

When you hire an external team of developers you have the flexibility to choose software development specialists who have had prior experience in the framework you plan to use. Training in-house developers on new technology and tools could affect your budget greatly. Instead, hiring on demand developers will reduce your training costs and ensure quality output.

A start up Software Company often overlooks the fact that they will have to buy their in-house development team all the resources that they require to complete the project. This can include computers and other hardware. If you hire a team of dedicated developers on the contrary, your company will only have to account for the services that you plan to outsource. Likewise, when you choose to hire a team for a specific project you will be obliged to pay them only for the project. In the event, that the project is not completed as per the requirements, you can choose to curtail the contract and find another team that is competent enough to complete the project at hand.

Do not let a lack of budget deter your company’s goals. If you are looking to build a custom software, or looking for a team of dedicated Laravel developers in India, look no further than Autus Digital Agency. We have a team of dedicated, experienced and skilled software developers who will go out of their way to ensure you get the best result possible. Therefore, without wasting any time, call us today to hire a dedicated Magento developer in India.


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