How Can You Improve Website Speed? 8 Actionable Tips

March 4, 2022 How Can You Improve Website Speed? 8 Actionable Tips By Gaurav Madan

The loading speed of your website becomes a crucial factor for SEO. It not only helps to rank your website at the top of the search page, but it also builds a comfortable User experience. However, websites that take too long to load can have negative effects on ranking, plus you are likely to lose a lot of potential customers. If you’re wondering exactly how you can improve website speed, then we’re here to help you with our awesome list of tips to skyrocket the loading time of your web pages! 

Render-Blocking Resources Should be Removed!

They are simply the files downloaded by a user’s browser to load the visuals on the webpage. These resources are downloaded on a device before loading the actual website. They may be helpful, but too many Render-Blocking resources can slow the loading time. 

If you want to remove them, you can delete them from the HTML page of the website. It is impossible to eliminate all the render-blocking resources, but you can always wipe out the additional ones that are just putting a load on the website.

Reduce the Size of Your JavaScript and CSS Files

This process is also known as ” Minifying “. From the CSS page, you can remove any unnecessary tags, comments, or unused code lines. These will enable the browser to quickly access all the data on a landing page. Plus, you don’t need to be a web development expert to do this! In fact, some helpful tools can make this happen in a few minutes only, such as CSS minified,, and JavaScript-minifier

Compress the Files on Your Website

When a user taps on your website link, their browser downloads the files from your website. If they are large and time taking, the loading process will be slower and the user is likely to bounce back!

A great way to eliminate this is to compress the files on your website. The downloading will be faster, and thus the user experience – smooth!

Optimise Your Visual

It’s a great pro to use high-quality visuals on your website because it gives an air of professionalism to any visitor. But if these visuals take a lot of time to load, then it’s no good having them on the website. Make sure that you optimise your visuals accordingly. If your website is being loaded on a mobile phone, it should not take too much render time, as well as if it’s being loaded on the desktop, the pixels should not burst. The trick is to use compressed images that don’t burst and load quickly without losing the air of professionalism.

You May “Lazy-Load” Your Pages.

This is an awesome way to save the loading time of your visitors. Lazy loading simply means that any picture of high resolution or less importance will be displayed only when it is being tapped upon. This way, the browser does not download those images and takes less time to present your website. Along with images, videos can also be lazy-loaded. It means that the videos will start playing or downloading only when the user taps on them, and thus the browser is prevented from slowing down the process!

Cut Down Excessive Redirect Links

Many users convert PSD to WordPress to build their websites. Redirect links are a great way to make the visitors surf the best pages that you want them to see. Though if these redirect URLs are bulky and take a lot of time to load the desired page, any user would instantly hit the back option and surf your competitors’ websites. To cut down excessive redirect links, you can use trusted tools like – HTTPStatus, Wheregoes, and Redirect Detective. Their services are free to use and are reliable for bulk URL checking.

Optimise CDN for Quick Loading

To convert your cold leads to steaming hot, you can use this brilliant tip and leverage the metrics. A Content Delivery Network ( CDN ) is a spectrum of servers that allow the visitors to download the data of a website from their nearest CDN, rather than from the main website. This reduces the load time by a great percentage, and is relied upon by numerous speedy websites! 

Promote Browser Caching

Google has always recommended caching the files and codes that don’t usually change. Such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML codes. If you enable caching, then the user’s device downloads these files permanently and helps to load faster because it already has all the data. For visitors who are regularly returning to your website, the loading time will be reduced significantly. 

Our PSD to WordPress experts have worked with several website owners to make them highly efficient. At Autus Digital Agency, we bring forth our team of experts to precisely work on each website, because we understand its importance for unbeatable SEO! To have our experts working with you, feel free and reach out to us at 929-357-3255.

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