How to Expand Your Dental Business With SEO?

August 24, 2022 How to Expand Your Dental Business With SEO? By Gaurav Madan

Being a dentist or running a dental practice means a lot more than just providing your patients with the best treatment. After all, it is your business that needs to grow, and in the post-covid times, what else seems better than expanding your marketing efforts on the web? Yes, SEO, short for search engine optimization, can turn out to be helpful in reaching people who might need dental care or treatment in your geographic region.

It can help you expand your dental business by getting you leads from local and neighboring cities or states if you are a genuine and trusted dentist already and use SEO well.

What is SEO for Dental Businesses?

You might have recently searched for some dental equipment/tools manufacturer or supplier. Regardless of which search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.) you use, the ones that appeared on the top few of your search are authentic and have maintained their digital fronts well optimized with SEO.

Similarly, if you do the SEO right for your website representing your dental practice, it can help you reach the top rankings. With that, more people will be able to see your dental business and may contact you for an inquiry as well. Getting some leads using the internet would not only add to your revenue but also help you expand your dental business and its brand name. Let’s discuss how you can do that.

Expand Your Dental Business with SEO

Get a Website

Before you begin implementing techniques of SEO for dentists, you need to have your dental practice’s presence on the web – which requires a website. If you don’t have one – it is the first thing you should do before you think about dental business growth with SEO.

Everyone is looking for a product or service online, be it food products or medical services. Likewise, people are more interested in learning a little about you before they would actually give you a visit at your practice.

Having a user-friendly, self-explanatory website is all you need. It should cover all the dental care and treatment services you offer, a few words about you and your qualification, experience, etc. A well-packaged website can leave an excellent first impression on a user who can be a potential patient.

Then the time comes to grow your dentistry website. Adding more content and a few pages occasionally will help you get recognized by search engines. However, it also requires you to step up to the next step.

Search for Good Keywords

One of the most integral parts of SEO is keyword research. It is only a combination of keywords that people write during an online search. Therefore, if you know the right or perhaps the most suitable keywords, you will be able to reap some of the key benefits of SEO for dental businesses.

Let’s simply get straight to the example – if you are a general dentist, you may pick keywords with ‘dentist’ as a common word. Whereas, if you are a specialist, let’s say – an Orthodontist, you should choose keywords that include orthodontist. Another critical factor that will influence your keyword selection is your practice’s location.

You may also use some of the easiest keyword research tools to find a great list of suitably helpful keywords surrounding your core dental business.

Optimize Your Website for Local Search

You might not know this, but you can find plenty of people (in your region) who might be interested in visiting you for their dental needs. For that, you need to reach local people, and local SEO is one of the greatest ways to go about that.

You would need to look into keyword trends in your area so that you can use those certain keywords to optimize your website for the best performance in local searches. Properly using potential and relevant keywords for your page title, meta tags, etc., is one of the best ways you optimize your website.

Besides, you should also have a Google Business Profile (previously called Google My Business profile). With that, users can read about you, contact you (via call, email, or direct visit) and visit your website if you add these buttons by providing the link and the contact info, respectively. A well-optimized website can be an excellent way for you to expand your dental business.

Post Quality and Helpful Content

When anyone visits your dental website or google profile, they see the content you can use to communicate with them effectively. Therefore, it would be excellent to grow your dentistry website with some text as well as visual content. For example, talking about your specialization in a few words or posting a video showing a patient with before and after tooth condition.

Running a blog page could be the best you can. You need to gain the users’ trust before you expect them to choose you, and for that, you can post blogs occasionally. For instance, one about oral health tips while another about the latest innovations in dentistry. They only need to be relevant, informative, engaging, and authentic enough to help them make a decision.

Other Important Tips

There can be various ways you can use SEO to have more people coming to your dental practice and expand your dental business. Apart from those discussed above, you can work on having a well-functioning website that loads fast and provides easy navigation across pages. You may also request your patients to post a review on your google business profile. Apply for guest posting and build backlinks for your website to increase traffic.

The SEO world is limitless, and it is changing very fast. In order to keep up with it, you would need to focus a little more toward gaining all benefits of SEO for dental businesses. However, as you might usually remain busy taking care of your patients, taking out time for SEO experiments can be challenging. If it is so, you need not worry, as we are here for your support.

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