How to Get More Plumbing Customers?

September 9, 2022 How to Get More Plumbing Customers? By Gaurav Madan

Running a plumbing business need not be difficult, like any other business; however, one thing that remains challenging is generating new business opportunities. While plumbing is a big part of the construction sector, there might be days or weeks when your plumbing company doesn’t get enough customers.

However, it is not only limited to construction as plumbing repairs, rainwater management, gutter installation, drainage system modification, etc., require professional plumbing services. What you only need to do is grab work opportunities in your niche areas. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some of the best tips for plumbing companies to help you increase the number of customers walking through your door. Read through the article, as most of these tips are easy to follow and implement for your benefit.

Best Tips to Get More Plumbing Customers:

Market Your Services

Marketing plays a crucial role in any business to help it reach its prospects. The same goes for your plumbing business too. If you want to bring more sales number for your plumbing and HVAC company by HVAC SEO, you need to think thoroughly about a marketing strategy. It is a great way to reach out to potential customers who are yet to know you.

Marketing helps you to not only tell the people about your company and services but also allows you to convert them into customers. A well-researched and nicely prepared marketing plan can help you achieve your sales goals. The best thing is that there are several ways you can use by the latest marketing methods, which have gone way ahead of traditional marketing practices. For example, with the help of the World Wide Web, your company is not limited to the region your company is based in. You can get customers from the neighboring areas who might have never visited your city and noticed your billboard ads.

Get Your Brand Online

Need not to mention how fast the world is going digital and it is time for your plumbing company to go online for business development purposes. Yes, there’s a lot you can do online to get more plumbing customers. Starting from having a website where the general public can learn about you in a little detailed manner.

Your company’s website can act like the paper-based brochure you might give your customers who would visit your office. Building a website can help your prospects to know about you even without having to be present in your office physically. They can simply navigate through your website, collect all the information, and contact you for services – lead locked – simple. Furthermore, you need to optimize it to make it SEO-friendly. You would be surprised to see how much you can increase your plumbing leads through SEO and get more new business.

Do Not Underestimate Networking

If you are a new-gen businessperson, networking may sound like an old marketing technique but know that it has a lot of potentials to help you increase the number of customers for your plumbing business. Like for any other business, networking is highly important for your plumbing business. So, start thinking about it and talk to your peers in the industry, schedule meetings or even seminars.

While many of your competitors might not share their success secrets with you, they may share some of the references. For instance, if a plumber in your network gets a lead that has a requirement, not in their scope of deliverables but yours, they can pass it over to you for a small commission. If it happens to you, you can pass on the lead to build a healthy relationship with the customer as well as the plumbing company.

Never Compromise Service Quality

Your customers will remember you for the level of quality in your service and, more importantly, the experience they get doing business with your plumbing company. Thus, it is advised to create an excellent experience for your customers so that they will not just talk about the company with family or friends but also vouch for you.

Word of mouth is still a big thing despite people increasingly going toward digital means. So take advantage of it by keeping your customers satisfied so that they will further promote your services to others. Who would mind some people marketing their company, that also after getting paid?

If you are want to get more plumbing customers, make sure you never compromise the quality of your services that consistently meet customer expectations to be remembered and get referrals.

Invest in Ad Campaigns

Advertisements give your marketing effort an essential boost. Every company in your industry is trying to get more of the market share, and to increase your chances, you may invest in ad campaigns, which are usually a small part of your overall marketing strategy. With today’s online ads, your company’s size would not matter to reach potential customers but smartly made ads with an excellent marketing plan would do just nicely.

The primary purpose of running an ad campaign is to reach prospects a little faster. Moreover, today’s dynamic and customizable ads enable you to choose exactly where you want your ads to be seen, and you can even further reduce the funnel to choose target regions, age groups, air timing, etc. Strategically placed ads reaching your customers well on time can help you get more leads each month. One of the greatest plumbing SEO tips you can get is investing in paid ad campaigns from time to time, at least to see what works for you and what does not.

Promote Your Services via Listing Websites

Avoid depending upon one or two sources of leads and explore more. For example, signing in to a website that helps companies and websites meet. Such websites collect your information and based on that, they provide your information to users looking for services you offer. Of course, there can be other companies on the list, but it helps you become visible to potential customers in a particular region.

Listing websites enable you to enhance awareness among the masses about your brand and services so that in case they need you, they will contact you for quotes. This can be an additional source of leads, which can eventually help you get more plumbing customers for your plumbing business.

Be Visible & Available Online

Today’s customers are online – if they need to purchase something or hire professional plumbing services, they would first go online to look for options before actually turning up in your brick-and-mortar office. Therefore, take advantage of the digital world and expand your online presence because it will only be going to help your company increase its customer base.

The best you can do to be available for people seeking plumbing services online is by adding a chat feature on your website. Then, the prospects can simply chat with your executives or AI-powered chatbots to resolve their queries. In case some queries are complicated, those chats can be further processed to your customer care executives, who can call the prospects to resolve their queries. A prompt solution to queries is all that today’s customers need to consider doing business with your company.

Keep Your Website Professional & User-friendly

Plumbing SEO methods (that cover a range of measures) can help you go a long way in getting more customers each month. Starting from making your website look as professional as possible, customers can visit your website and go back within seconds if they don’t find it easy to navigate or relevant.

Apart from that, you need to make sure the design of your website is perfect and reflects your brand in the most subtle manner. Not only that, ensure the tone of voice is formal and in sync with your brand. While you might have been paying little attention to these things but it all matters a lot. For example, a slow site loading speed can result in losing a potential customer – whereas impactful words can attract a user to hit that ‘Get a Quote’ button as soon as they gain trust in your brand and find your services reliable.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, social media platforms are doing wonders for businesses across the world. One fantastic post getting viral can bring a high engagement rate, increasing the possibility of getting a higher number of quality leads. Websites like Facebook and Twitter can be some of the best platforms you can focus on to interact with the public among whom you can find your prospects.

The benefits of social media are not limited to interactions and engagement. You can literally divert your social media traffic to your main website by publishing catchy, informative, and relevant posts. Also, similar to other online ads, social media ads have a high potential to help you reach your target audience in your target region quite easily to increase the number of leads you get each month in Los Angeles. SEO companies, especially experienced ones, can also help you with social media optimization and management.

Get More Positive Reviews

Register with Google for your business profile and ask your customers to give your company a positive review. Doing this helps you enhance your brand image online. Besides, it will have an influence on a user who might be interested in your services and wants to check your reviews before proceeding.

Not only that, but some reviews on your website will also add great value to your website as well as your business. Anyone going through your website will read about what your previous customers have said about you and what their experience was doing business with you. It will help you gain their trust, and as they already get half-convinced, nurturing the leads will become a lot easier. In addition, the more positive reviews you will have the better image your brand will have in the eyes of prospects.

Run a Referral Discount Program if Possible

One of the oldest but pretty effective tips for plumbing companies to get more customers is running a referral discount program. However, do it only if it is possible for your company depending on your revenue and if you could afford these offs.

It actually works that way – you generate referral codes, and every time a new customer comes in with a referral code, you can enter that in your system, and the person who referred that new customer will be eligible for a discount the next time they do business with you. The process is easy and effective in encouraging your current customers to promote your services. It is an excellent way to get more customers without spending anything – that little discount is all the catch here.

Create, Publish Content on Plumbing & Relevant Topics

Content is a big thing in the digital world, and companies are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to taking advantage of content marketing. It is a branch of digital marketing that typically focuses on content, be it in any form – text, audio, or visual.

You can publish your service-related articles on your website or third-party websites. You can post illustrating pictures or how-to videos on social media channels and websites too. Users pay attention to content as it helps them understand the topic better. Therefore, start thinking about your content marketing strategy today and provide good quality content to users, increasing their chances of contacting you in times of need.

These were the top tips for plumbing companies to get more plumbing customers and boost their business even further. If you are also looking to increase your customer base, follow these easy tips. Or simply contact Autus Digital Agency – we can take care of all your digital marketing needs under one roof.

We have a team of qualified, experienced, and dedicated team of SEO personnel ready to serve you with the best of digital marketing services. Let us help you get plumbing leads through SEO. Serving US clients since 2002, we take pride in saying that we are one of the fastest-growing digital agencies that can turn out to be a great partner for your plumbing business. So look no further than Autus Digital Agency. To discuss your requirements, reach out to us today. Call 929-357-3255 for any query.


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