8 Strategies to Grow Your Plumbing Business

September 15, 2021 8 Strategies to Grow Your Plumbing Business By Gaurav Madan

Running a successful plumbing business has its own unique challenges. Most other industries focus their energies on targeting a specific audience or rely on seasonal upticks. Alternatively, you will need to reach out to two distinct markets throughout the year in the plumbing business. One is panicked customers with emergencies looking to find a nearby plumber. The second segment is the routine maintenance customer or installation customer, who takes their time to find a plumber to fit their project.


Marketing for Plumber


Therefore, to grow your plumbing service, you will need to use marketing strategies to address both segments of customers while competing in an already competitive market.

If you are looking to market your plumbing agency, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is, therefore, imperative to hire a digital marketing agency in Miami, to come up with a strategy that will help your company stand tall amidst its competitors.

1. Create a Dedicated Mobile App or Marketplace

If you plan to take your plumbing service to new heights of success, the first step is to have a marketplace. An online marketplace allows various plumbing businesses to offer their services to customers via the online platform that you own. This way, you can set a certain commission rate of the monthly fee that the vendors will have to pay you in exchange for being able to sell their services via your platform.

Marketing for Plumber - Mobile App or Marketplace

There are several examples of successful marketplaces such as Urban Clap that can be used as a model to set up your own marketplace. You may also create a dedicated mobile application if you wish to sell and market only your own plumbing services. A dedicated app for your plumbing business will give your customers the convenience of hiring your services with a few clicks on their handheld devices. For example, the Handyman app developed by a reputed app developer can benefit you in many ways. The app can feature an intuitive user interface, payment gateway integration, profile approval, customer registration, etc.

All said and done, creating a dedicated mobile application or an online marketplace is a great way to help your company grow in leaps and bounds. So, be sure to hire the services of the best SEO company in Miami to help build the right mobile app for your company.

2. Develop a Professional Website

You need a chic-looking and fully functional plumbing website to kick start your plumbing business. This is the first step to enter into the digital market of plumbers and make yourself visible. Thus, if you wish to compete with other plumbing service providers in your neighborhood, you will need a robust digital presence which can be done via a website.

Marketing for Plumber - Develop a Professional Website

In today’s world, where the internet has become an integral part of everyday life, you are bound to lose potential customers if you do not have a website. Today, with everybody surfing the internet and doing a multitude of other tasks on their handheld devices, a website will give your plumbing company the impetus it deserves.

Having a plumbing website will help establish online visibility while also building trust in the minds of your prospective customers. Therefore, it becomes important to mull over several factors such as the theme, the overall presentation, and the navigation tab while designing your website. Your website must also hold key details such as email address, contact number, and the complete address of your business.

3. Submit Company Website to Local Directories

Once you have a website up and running for your plumbing service, the next step is to submit it to local directories. The best way to do this would be to reach out to a reliable plumber marketing company that will help you grow your plumbing services on all local business listings.

Marketing for Plumber - Local Directories

A few local listing directories worth exploring are Angie’s List, Google, Bing, LinkedIn, and Yelp. By enlisting your business on these local business listings, you will find your client base to grow. Also, the more people come across your business across various platforms, the more they will be convinced to hire your company.

4. Search Engine Optimization

It is important to remember that just creating a website for your plumbing business will not bring you the business you hope for. You will also need to invest in Search Engine Optimization. SEO is not simple and entails numerous tasks to be accomplished before your website can start bringing in useful leads. This begins by adding relevant keywords to your website content.

Marketing for Plumbers

SEO also includes various other tasks such as page titles, meta tags, alt tags, guest blogging, and even sharing your content on social media platforms. Search engines will crawl your business’s webpage based on the relevant keywords present and check if the same keywords are less or more relevant than other websites that are optimized for the same. When a customer searches for keywords related to the plumbing industry, e.g., average plumber costs, search engines such as Bing and Google will present the most popular results.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is next on our list of tips to grow your plumbing business. Gone are the days when Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook were just meant to socially bridge people into a digitalized society. Social media marketing has become a rather integral and dynamic marketing strategy and tool to interact with potential leads and draw in more sales. Social media platforms establish strong customer relationships while also fostering and retaining customer trust. When you invest time and money into social media marketing, you can boost your company’s brand image while establishing loyalty among your customers. Also, you will have better insights on how to draw in more leads and convert them into loyal customers for your plumbing business.

6. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is yet another popular means to market your business online. While Search Engine Optimization will help improve the revenue of your business, it can take a few months before it reaches any measurable and quantitative results. On the other hand, paid advertising is shown to have quicker proven results and is a great way to get your company off the ground. A good example of paid advertising is running Search Engine Advertisements, for example, Google Ads. You will have to pay a small fee when someone clicks on your ad and reaches your website. While you may wonder if it is worth spending on paid ads, this strategy can drive a great deal of traffic to your business and boost your company’s online presence.

Marketing for Plumber - Paid Advertising

By running a paid advertising campaign, you can benefit from several perks such as reaching out to the right audience, fast and measurable results, transparency, more exposure, and complete control over ads. However, it is important to remember that the ads must be designed well, and you can ensure this by reaching out to a reliable local SEO company Phoenix. Paid advertising market agencies have years of experience and practical industry knowledge to create meaningful ads and generate leads. When creating ads, you can promote your business and use them to publish jobs and expand your workforce. Creative ads can turn into powerful advertisement campaigns and pull instant attention. Therefore, it is important that the advertisement content must highlight the USP of your plumbing business, the kinds of tools you use, and the services you render, aside from the pricing itself.

7. Cross-Platform Marketing

Another means to reach out to a wider customer base other than your website is to employ cross-platform marketing. This is a reliable way to promote your business while improving your online exposure. Cross-platform marketing allows you to harness several benefits through the power of social media platforms, offering special deals, and co-sponsoring for good causes. To do this, you will have to come up with a list of people who might require your services, such as people in your neighborhood, other small business owners, etc. They will become your target audience and help promote your business too.

8. Create a Blog

This one is a no-brainer. Every business today, irrespective of the domain and industry, should have an active blog running on its website. Likewise, you should have a blog section for your plumber business to share updates, pricing, news, and any other valuable information with their target audience. Search engines look for content so that your business can rank higher if your blog has unique and engaging content around a relevant set of keywords.

Marketing for Plumber - Create a Blog

Listed above are a few tips on how you can market your plumbing business. If you are looking for an SEO company in Miami to help you build your website and optimize it, look no further than Autus Digital – a leading SEO agency in Dallas that can handle all your web development and SEO needs. Call us today, and speak with an SEO expert on the strategies that can be used to give your plumbing company the boost it deserves.


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