3 Ways to Maximize Marketing Dollars Using Social Media

February 6, 2017 3 Ways to Maximize Marketing Dollars Using Social Media By Gaurav Madan

In this internet age, the information travels across the web in a matter of seconds. In order to ensure marketing success, businesses need to set up a compelling online presence. Due to competition growing fierce among businesses, establishing a strong online presence has become much tougher.

To boost up brand awareness and spread its presence organically at a faster pace, businesses need to have robust social media strategy in place to effectively implement social media optimization. Failing to set up effective social media marketing channel may likely dilute important information about your business in loads of information floating around the web. Now, wondering how to create a “social media marketing strategy” with roughly 2.34 billion social network users around the world? Well, chances are likely that any message spread via any network will get lost. However, with right resources from social media marketing companies and strategy in place, sole business entrepreneurs and digital marketing managers can hit the target audience over social media.

Here’s the complete checklist on how you can find, reach your target audience on social media

Creating Comprehensive Customer Engagements

To market your products effectively, it is important for businesses to establish a two-way communication channel. Creating meaningful engagements, interacting with customers are important to gain their attention. By asking questions, running a contest, making them poll on hottest topics are some of the ways to gather customer opinions. Creating compelling content enables businesses to listen to customer voices and know their opinions about your brand using social web, traditional online channels. Open and honest interactions via social media channels also, help to foster trust and form relationships that create positive experiences among customers.

The digital age demands businesses to be good listeners. Selling the product isn’t just all. Facilitating a passionate, active online community revolving around your product is critical for business success. Peer-to-peer relationships and sharing of thoughts across different social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even YouTube have a significant impact on improving business performance management.

Ensuring Right Message Reaches Right Audience

Setting up social media segmentation strategy comprising specified demographics on different social media channel ensures that the right message is reaching the right audience. And when customers have easy reach to the product they are looking for then, customers will likely start promoting your brand at a rapid pace. Branding efforts aligned with demographics, help to create lasting and meaningful connections that matters most.

As, per the national survey of around 1,520 adults, it has been predicted that 79% of users spend time over Facebook, more than double the share that uses twitter (24%). This growing use of social media channels illustrates the importance of demography based promotion for each respective network. For instance, Facebook can be count upon if you want to catch up with older populations, Pinterest can be used if you want to promote highly aesthetic product and you can bet upon Instagram if you want to reach millennials.

Integrate Social Media Tools to Simplify Marketing

Social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram) scheduling can be easily done and automated using Hootsuite tool. It’s free plan provides flexibility to manage up to 3 social accounts and after paying $9.99/month up to 10 accounts can be handled. Contrary to Hootsuite, BufferApp’s free plan gives you the flexibility to manage just 1 account. Now, if you are looking for features other than scheduling, reporting and monitoring then, Viral Heat can let you dive deeper and helps in performing, lead identification and sentiment analysis.

Social media posts are effective in driving targeted traffic and aid in boosting up site’s SEO company Los Angeles. And using social media tools simplify the job of managing social media traffic. Falcon is a complete social media marketing platform that offers complete suite of features such as audience management, content marketing, social listening and customer engagement.

Wrapping It Up:

Social media marketing isn’t just about generating the sales pitch using social media channels. It involves a complete set of activities involving learning about customers, audience engagement and extending branch reach. So, are ready to reap the complete benefits of social media channels?


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