Social Media Marketing for Startups: 10 Strategies That Work

May 12, 2020 Social Media Marketing for Startups: 10 Strategies That Work By Gaurav Madan

With more than three billion users, social media is a force to be reckoned with. No wonder businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world use social media to engage their target audience effectively. From cost-effectiveness to increased customer satisfaction, there are several benefits of marketing on social media.

Social media marketing is a boon for startups, especially cash-strapped businesses that are unable to use traditional marketing channels due to the huge costs involved. Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of social media, every other business is present on social media platforms.

To ensure their brand does not get washed away in the crowd, startups must work with their social media marketing agencies to devise an effective social media marketing plan. Here are some social media marketing strategies to help businesses get started.

Pick the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Just because your competitor is present on every social media platform does not mean you have an obligation to do the same. Look for channels where you can find an audience for your products or services.

When choosing the right platforms for your brand, consider the nature of your business. Determine whether your target audiences are on your preferred platforms. Work with your digital marketing agency in san jose to shortlist platforms used by brands that stand out in your industry.

Create Impactful Content

The importance of publishing impactful content on your social media accounts cannot be emphasized enough. Create content that answers the most-asked questions by your target audience. Use pictures and videos to create visually engaging and creative content. Include CTAs in your content that encourage readers to take action.

Live Stream Videos

Live video streaming is the coolest thing in the town. Live streaming is cost-effective. It is one of the most effectual ways to reach out to your target audience. It is estimated that live videos on Facebook have an engagement rate of 4.3 percent. In comparison, the engagement rate of non-live videos is a meagre 2.2 percent.

When it comes to live streaming, consistency is the key to success. To get exposure for your business, go live regularly at the same time. Use catchy live stream titles. Ensure bandwidth availability. Before going live, test your stream with a backup account.

Capitalize On What’s Trending

Come up with a plan to identify and use the latest trending topics. Use Google Trends to compare trending topics. Incorporate trending memes. Jump on trending hashtags or create your personalized hashtags to promote your campaigns. Use special events (or holidays) such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day to market your products or services.

Create Snap Stories for Your Brand

Did you know that more than 100 million Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos every day? If you are able to make even one percent of Snapchat users watch your Snap stories, your brand can go places. Create short-term story-based videos that tell a compelling brand story. Apply Geo filters on your stories.

Keep Your Content Mobile-focused

Mobile devices have gone mainstream. Given the fact that the number of mobile internet users is increasing rapidly, creating mobile-friendly content is important now more than ever. To engage people using mobile devices, make sure your content adapts to different platforms.

Use impactful cover photos. Create a schedule and stick to it. To create buzz for upcoming events, post live updates. Use selfies to create impactful selfie social media campaigns.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence

From Facebook to LinkedIn, almost every major social media uses AI to improve their customer experience. While Facebook uses advanced machine learning to serve targeted content to its users, LinkedIn leverages AI to recommend users they might want to connect with and offer job recommendations.

Use AI tools to find relevant social media influencers. Leverage chatbots to engage your target audience effectively and handle minor issues. AI can also be used to create and optimize content. Many tools facilitate personalized recommendation modeling that involves using data to recommend products to users.

Identify Best Timings to Publish Content

If you think you can post content on social media platforms at any time of the day, you are wrong. To maximize your reach, you need to figure out the best time to post on social media. Experiment with different posting times. Measure weekday and weekend engagement. Use scheduling tools to push out tweets.

Here are some general guidelines on when to post on social media:

  • If you want to drive traffic, publish posts every Monday around 11 AM
  • If you want to get more comments, publish posts every Saturday morning
  • If you want to get high-quality backlinks, post on Monday and Thursday morning

Stay Active

Out of sight, out of mind. The key to staying relevant on social media is posting regularly. Create a schedule for posting content on social media with your social media agency, and stick to it. Encourage your customers to give feedback. Highlight positive comments and feedback, and move swiftly to address grievances. Be very courteous when interacting with grumpy customers.

Track Social Media Metrics

Use social media tracking tools to track important social media metrics, such as audience growth rate, conversion rate, and customer response rate. Comparing expected results with initial results will help you identify gaps.


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