How to Use Social Media Listening to Fix the Biggest Issues

March 17, 2017 How to Use Social Media Listening to Fix the Biggest Issues By Gaurav Madan

Building a strong social media presence is far more than just a post on fan page. Social media listening tools and right approach to social media marketing aids in multiplying business capabilities, and take the customer journey forward and brand’s social media presence to new level.

Customers and brands engage over social media platform and speak about your business. Social media listening is the key to take away complete insights of what your audience says about your business, the market and your competitors in general.  Collecting all of the data, offers you an approach to undertake analysis, and finally, build social business intelligence. These insights help to develop better understanding of customers and refine marketing strategy. So, here is the complete list of social media listening tools that aid in analyzing & monitoring social media campaigns;

Social Mention

This is one of the famous tools used by social media marketers. User-generated content across different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Digg, Google can be analyzed for implementing more targeted marketing efforts. Top keywords and hash-tags show up while searching for keyword/s. And tracking sentiments spreading online about your product/service/brand can be simplified which in turn enhances our ability to develop better engagements with customers.

The Social Mention API provides real-time search data combined from different social media properties. Organizing and accessing social media data into other applications can be easily done using Social Mention API.

Social Crawlytics

Analyze content popularity on website and evaluate performance of competitor’s blog using Social Crawlytics. It produces detailed information about frequency of content shared and where it is circulated. Based upon the understanding of most shared and popular content, you can produce content that resonates with competitors’ audience.

A flexible, fast web-crawler, tailored to fit social media channels. Social share history across all pages of website over on-going reports can be maintained. At present, this tool lacks ability to identify the marketers who shared the content so, for this ‘Topsy’ can be used to determine the key influencers who shared the most popular content.

Talkwalker Alerts

This is an incredibly effective alternative to Google alerts that helps you smoothly monitor specific competitors, brand, keywords, trending topics or any other targeted industry-specific topic. It can easily track content from website and social media channels. With the help of this tool, we can easily measure the number of times a keyword has been discussed online marketing companies Los Angeles. It is the best tool used by brands and agencies worldwide.

Talkwalker alerts displays search results in real-time for social media campaigns and provides results for event performance across all countries over the desired time period. And not only this, it gives you regular email updates for new mentions about your competitors, brand or any topic of your choice and provides a simple solution to monitor online sources.

Wrapping It Up

Social media listening tools are one-stop solution to monitor your brand and create appropriate meaningful engagements. So, start expanding your brand presence and take your business to newer heights.


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